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  • my guy

    everyone hated him, I loved him He was my favorite last season, and in my top 5 survivors ever, He was himself outspoken,and just cool something about him clicked with me, I was devastated when he got voted out, and almost quit watching but I am too much of a Survivor junkie for that
  • Jerk!!

    Out of all the Surviors that I loved to hate
    Judd would definately rank up there
    Because he backstabbed everybody
    And was a bully as Margaret said
    Judd was in it for himself
    Yes he got angry when Stephenie turned on him
    But you can thank Dani that
    For figuring out the liar that he was and is
    He doesn't care if he's liked or not
    Well my friend Judd, you better care
    Because it will come back and haunt you in the rear!
  • I call him Judd the jerk.

    Ah Judd, what can I say about you? How about you're a big baby when it comes being left out of big decisions and eventually getting blind-sided.

    With that said, I can also go on to say that Judd also came off as bully and a very bad liar who got caught in his lies a few times, with the most notable one having to deal with the hidden immunity idol and how he said that it was on the ground, and being caught in that lie by Gary at the tribal council on the night that Gary got voted out. Also with that episode, his nickname came into being with how he acted after being voted off at tribal council. Instead of accepting it, or acting like Jamie did at the previous Tribal Council, he had to sulk off and say that he hoped they got eaten by crocodiles and calling them scumbags, showing low to no class.

    In the end, I'm kind of glad that Judd got voted off when he did. By the time came when he got voted off, he was starting to get as parnoid as Jamie and that was starting to get on my nerves, as I'm sure it was getting on the nerves my fellow viewers, and of his fellow castaways.