Jude Ciccolella

Jude Ciccolella


11/30/1938, Burlington, Vermont

Birth Name

Richard Jude Ciccolella


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Jude Ciccolella has become a very successful American actor. He got a Master of Fine Arts degree at Temple University and since has done numerous projects both in television and film, and is also an accomplished musician. He has had roles in films such as The Terminal, Sin…more


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    • Jude Ciccolella: (on Temple University and its program) It's a wonderful opportunity for an actor with a serious track record to reconnect with the kind of creative vitality that time spent working in the industry doesn't always allow, and still be in the center of the action. They can participate in all facets of the business– theater, movies, commercials, television – in Philadelphia, the nation's fourth largest media hub, and get their graduate degree in acting, and be an hour and a half from New York. It's almost too good to be true!

    • Jude Ciccolella: (on his 24 character, Mike Novick) You have to be formal and respectful with the people you work with, the characters do, but at the same time, the audience needs to know that you have some gray matter, that you have some misgivings about these people, whether you're right or wrong.

    • Jude Ciccolella: (on his 24 character, Mike Novick) When you play a character, you don't look for the bad things. The writers will do that. You look for what you believe in, to justify yourself. This guy is a servant, serves the country, in his mind, anyway. He has a system of ethics, a moral center.