Judge Greg Mathis

Judge Greg Mathis


Detroit, Michigan

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Judge Mathis who dropped out of school, was in and out of jail, yet overcame these adversities to become the youngest judge in Michigan history. As a teenager growing up in the housing projects of Detroit, Mathis was well on his, way to a life of crime.


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    • Greg served as Honorary Chair at the National Council For Adoption festival, in September 2004.

    • Greg was advised by Jesse Jackson in 1977 to get his act together and make something big out of himself. He cites this advice as one of his crucial turning points in life.

    • Greg appeared in the 2003 stage production Tell It To The Judge, about a man whose future is undetermined because of his criminal past.

    • Greg appears as a regular contributor to national programs such as: , and Politically Incorrect.

    • The success of Greg's book earned him the Blackboard Non-Fiction Book Of The Year Award, in May 2003.

    • Greg led the Free South Africa and Voter Registration campaigns at Eastern Michigan University.

    • Greg and his wife co founded Young Adults Asserting Themselves, a non-profit organization that serves thousands of young people find jobs, and or job training.

    • Greg has been parodied on Saturday Night Live by Tracy Morgan in the Judge Horace persona.

    • Greg: It pains me to think of all the hurt I caused my first teenage love, my school teachers, my schools that I attended, and my church. That's why, However, I have made a lifetime commitment to redeeming myself and changing my life, hoping to inspire other street youth to redeem themselves and change their lives as well.

    • A spirituality inspired play, based on his life titled Been There, Done That toured 22 U.S cities in 2002.

    • Greg released his autobiography Inner City Miracle in October 2002, published by One World Books.

    • Greg is a Seventh Day Adventist Christian and often teaches a moral lesson when handing down a judgement, based upon his Christian beliefs.

    • Greg has been featured in: Ebony, Jet, Upscale, and People Magazines.

    • Greg was elected to Michigan's 36th District Court in 1995.

    • Greg is a committed civil rights activist, public servant, and youngest elected judge in the state of Michigan.

    • Greg films his television show Judge Mathis 200 feet away from the Wayne County jail, where he spent time for being a gun-toting dropout.

    • Greg credits his mother's love, and deep-rooted religion as the reasons he was able to turn his life around.

    • Greg's juvenille criminal record includes charges of: shooting at the Detroit Police from his housing project, purse snatching, and using and selling drugs, including heroin.

    • Greg was appointed head of Jesse Jackson's Presidential Campaign in the state of Michigan in 1988.

    • Greg had failed the Michigan Bar Exam once, and had been denied a license to practice law for several years after graduating, due to his criminal past.

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  • Racist or not?

    I have watched many episodes of Greg Mathis. I have recently stopped due to the fact that I feel he is racist against Caucasian. The way he looks at them is like he is wasting his time. He also looks at them like he is disgusted. He takes great pleasure to come off superior to them! I see how he jokes around with his race and gives them the opportunity to get their story out but always seems to cut off the other race. How can a Judge determine who is in the right without getting the whole story?moreless
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    I watch your show every day when I get home from work every night