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"If You saw the movie 'Boyz 'n the Hood' that was the way I grew up" From meger beginnings, to a hit TV show with over 5 million viewers, ranked 2nd, topped only by Judge Judy, He has turned out quite well.Born in Washington D.C. He was raised…more


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  • Please I need help and don't know where to turn to.....

    My family of 6 is forced to move. This all started when we went through the lending tree to help us find a bank to help purchase our home. Everything was going well until my oldest had left and moved in with his father, upon doing so his child support along with his SSI had stopped totaling a $1,000.00 our mortgage was $1202.00. I had asked JP Morgan Chase Bank for a loan modification that stated in 2009. We were getting nowhere with them, so I thought hiring what I thought was an attorney with Millennium Mortgage. Worked with them from Oct. 4th, 2010 until May 27th, 2011 and still got nowhere with getting a loan modification. I tried once more on my own to work with Chase this time it was with a different person within JP Morgan Chase Bank, only to find out that I was in the same boat, of getting nowhere. It should not take 4 myears for a loan modification. I had searched again for an attorney and was connected with Ike Fields with Michael A. Rabel & Associates, LLC on Jan. 12, 2012. Than on April 6, 2012 Ike then went to a different company, Fortune Mortgage... until April 19th, to come to find out that our house was sold out from underneath us on May 15, 2013. Ike is not an attorney, nor is he licensed. He had falsified himself to me as well as had me believe that he was going to stop the sale date. What I didn't know was all this time he was taking my money doing nothing about trying to help save us and help us work with the bank as well as vs. We don't want to lose our house. Once I received the letter in the mail about my home was sold I called the Gary & Associates, whom had told me that there was nothing they could do even though they are the attorneys for . Morgan Chase, they had told myself that I would have to call Chase. I called Chase and was transferred to some many different departments, finally I was speaking with a gentleman in the Lost Dept. he had given me the number of the realtor, to find out the number was disconnected. While I was on the phone with him my husband had googled this firm that he had given me, Kaplan Realtor. There was another number on their website. Upon calling it, come to find out it was an after hour's answering service but was unable to take my message but stated that I have to email the REO dept. All this was taken place last week Friday (5/17/13) and after all was said and done it was after 5:00 . everything was closed. I have not received any word yet from anyone to help me. At this time (5/24/13) I still have not heard any word from anyone. I had called the realtor but as they say is that they have no further information at this time. What can I do? Please help.

    Thank You,

    Joenene (Jenny) Thorstensen

    . I can be reached by emailmoreless
  • Give the girl a NEW JACKET; showed 3/13/13

    Usually agree with your decisions; however, when the kid destroyed another kid's jacket by writing on it, she should have gotten the cost she paid for the jacket (yes, not the replacement cost). 1) The substitute jacket wasn't what the innocent kid had. 2) an inferior jacket and cash didn't buy another jacket. 3) why wasn't the culpable kid there to receive some of your guidance that on a dare or not, she should not destroy others property? The parent should have been reminded to instruct her felonius kid to shape up and held responsible for their minor's misdemeanors.moreless