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  • I love this woman.

    I love watching her show. I would love to just sit and listen to her talk about life in her eyes. She is so smart and don't take no shit!!!!! If I leave this world being half the woman she is I would be satisfied. :)
  • Not a good first impression . . .


    I watched her for the first time today, while in a doctor's waiting room. She didn't make a good first impression.

    Her ruling didn't make sense. She berated a guy for not understanding the law at the age of 37. She said you can never agree to an assault.

    Yet, the fact is I can name numerous times where people can and do agree to an assault on their body and sometime it results in death. Yet it all legal! Her reasoning did not seem reasonable to this reasonable person.

    You might ask when do people agree to an assault and it is legal? Ah, a very short list: Boxing, Football, Joining the Military, getting a flu shot, having surgery, going through certain training (e.g. self defense, martial arts). I'm sure there are many other examples.

    Oh, one question I would have about assaults and agreeing is ... what about the draft .. Vietnam War draft. I had to register and my service would not been as a volunteer, if my number came up. Yet, I'd be assaulted (without my permission) during basic training and certainly during combat. Yet, it was legal to have someone assault me against my will.

    So, yeah you can agree sometimes to an assault upon your body, mind, and spirit and it is legal.

    Bottom line is simple: She made a really bad first impression -- at least this time . . .

  • Judge Judy is a Rich woman who has NO right to compare herself to regular people in her courtroom.

    I tried to watch the program today about a mother and her rotten kid in Belmar, NJ.. Judge Judy you have NO RIGHT to compare your RICH self to the average people of the world.. Not everyone has the TONS OF Money that you do.. Miss I have a YACHT named "your honor".. ughhhh you make me ILL. YOU are a Rich entitled "Nothing" in my book.. How dare Judge Judy sit and tell people that they should buy stuff for their ungratful children.. She has Millions of dollars; to compare herself to the parents in her courtroom and say "I cant tell you how many of "whatever" I bought for my children".. Is Wrong BooHiss to Judge Judy.. she is entitled not everyone is.. wrong wrong wrong
  • Dear judge, Maximum possible compliments on your show

    Dear judge,
    I've no doubt you receive many letters of compliment on your program. I would like to add mine to your list. You make my afternoons and your level of fairness is highly complimentary. Your sense of humour is also a great tonic. The only place I would be comfortable sitting across from you would be in a restaurant, obviously with our significent others. Thanks for bringing your personality into agreat TV show, keep it comeing. If you ever decided to quit your show I feel you would be an enormous success with your own show as a comedienne.I don't know how you manage to keep a straight face with some of your repartee, maybe it's from practice

    Sincerely yours
    David J.Houghton
  • Overall I like Judge Judy's show but I think it could be improved.

    I wish that Judy would not keep telling people that she is smart. She is smart and people can see that, however when people insist on telling anyone who will listen it gets very old. If you are smart you do not need to tell people.

    I also think that she gets a little excited sometimes and then she contradicts herself and sometimes makes comments about specific things that the experts in those fields know are completely incorrect. For instance with regard to banking,and the types of things she will loudly berate a plaintiff or defendant about are often incorrect and since she is not a banker she is not aware of the procedures.

    I would enjoy her show more if she was just very professional and would calm down a bit. She doesn't have to scream at people to tell them they are idiots or just dumb.....the effect would be better if she said it in a normal tone of voice rather than being "shrewish".

    Sorry Judy, I think you would be more effective if you were more professional.