Judge Reinhold





5/21/1957 , Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Birth Name

Edward Ernest Reinhold Jr.




Educated at MAry Washington College & North Carolina School of the Arts; performed at various regional theatres, including BUrt Reynolds' Dinner Theater in JUpiter, FL before national exposure on TV in 70s.

Spouse: Amy Miller (January 8, 2000 - present)
Carrie Frazier (1986 - ?) (divorced)

His father nicknamed him "JUdge" when he was just two weeks old.

In the early 80s, before he established his squeaky clean image, Judge Reinhold starred in an unsold sitcom pilot, "Never Again", as a sexist pig.

Lived with Carrie for five years before they married.

Is an accomplished whistler, and crooned a western tune for his monologure when he hosted Saturday Nigh Live in the late 80s.

As the clear-headed high-school senior Brad in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), this likable, lanky blond comedic actor established a goofy but endearing persona that has made him one of today's most recognizable screen presences. He was equally effective as a second (or was it third?) banana in Beverly Hills Cop (1984, plus the 1987 se- quel) and Ruthless People (1986), but less effective in his own starring vehicles Head Office, Off Beat (both 1986), and Vice Versa (1988), in which his minimalistic reached an extreme. He was best served in recent years by the madefor-TV Western comedy Four Eyes and Six-Guns (1992). In 1994 he joined Eddie Murphy for a third time in Beverly Hills Cop 3

OTHER FILMS INCLUDE: 1981: Stripes 1982: Pandemonium 1983: The Lords of Discipline 1984: Gremlins, Roadhouse 66 1988: A Soldier's Tale (in a small role); 1989: Rosalie Goes Shopping 1990: EB>. Who's Got the Will? 1991: Zandalee 1993: Near Misses, Bank Robber.