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Judi Evans


7/12/1966, Montebello, California, USA

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Judi Evans Luciano, Judi Evans
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Judi Evans was born in California, USA on July 12, 1966, and spent her childhood traveling with the circus as the "baby clown." The circus was a family affair, her mother and father were trapeze artists while her three older brothers juggled and handled props. Making her television…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In February 2007, it was revealed Judi had secured a writing and producing job for the sitcom Trailer Court Justice, in which she will also play a bawdy truck driver.

    • After finishing her role as Bonnie on Days Of Our Lives, Judi was invited back to reprise her earlier role as Adrienne.

    • Judi's awards information
      In 1984, Judi won a Daytime Emmy Award for "Best Supporting Actress" for her role as Beth Raineson on Guiding Light. In 1986, she received a nomination for "Outstanding Daytime Supercouple on a Daytime Serial" in the Soap Opera Digest Awards for her role on Guiding Light. In 1993, she won a Soap Opera Digest Award for "Hottest Female Star" for her role in Another World. In 1998 she again won a Soap Opera Digest Award for "Outstanding Supporting Actress" for Another World. In 2005, Judi recived a Soap Opera Digest Award for "Favorite Return", for her return to Days of our Lives.

    • Judi was married to Robert Eth from 1990 until they divorced in 1992. Judi later married visual effects producer, Michael Luciano, on the 20th November 1993. Their son, Austin Michael Luciano, was born on 26th May 1996.

    • In 2000, Judi played Patsy Ramsey in the movie, Getting Away with Murder: The JonBenet Ramsey Story.

    • After leaving Guiding Light in 1986, Judi described her fellow actors as tense after her Emmy win, as people became angry with her for getting all the attention and acclaim for the story.

    • In November 2006, it was announced that Judi Evans' contract with Days Of Our Lives contract would be ended and that Judi will be the next person to exit Salem.

    • In her free time, Judi enjoys horseback riding, scuba diving and skiing. She is also a keen poker player.

    • In the August 17, 2004 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Judi delved into her weight-gain story. She wore a size 4 dress before she was pregnant with her child, and then, at her peak six months after she gave birth, she wore a size 18 dress. All in all, she gained over 80 pounds in her pregnancy, and didn't lose any of it quickly. It took two years for her to lose half of the pregnancy weight she gained, and it was only in 2003 that she got down to a weight reminiscient of her life pre-pregnancy. Due to her weight troubles, she swore off having another baby.

    • After a heavily-publicised pregnancy and a subsequent lack of weight loss, Judi took a break from acting, ostensibly to be with her husband and young child. In 2003, Days of Our Lives lured her back to daytime, allowing her to create the role of white-trash Bonnie Lockhart, a complete 180 from the good-girl role she once played on that show.

    • Judi received a Pre-Nomination in the 2005 Daytime Emmy Awards as "Outstanding Supporting Actress" for her role as Bonnie Lockhart in Days of our Lives.

    • Judi describes her current Days character, Bonnie, as a real scrapper without a fine line between good and evil, who will try to scratch her way to the top. Judi says that Bonnie is multi-faceted, different and cool.

    • In real life, Judi is only 5 years older than Brody Hutzler, who plays her son, Patrick, on Days of Our Lives.

    • Judi was born and raised in California and spent her childhood traveling with the circus as the 'baby clown'. The circus was a family affair - her mother and father were trapeze artists while her three older brothers juggled and handled props.

  • Quotes

    • Judi: (on "Days Of Our Lives" producers' decision to get rid of the character of Bonnie) They need to scale down and docus on core characters. I figured that if they were gonna trim the fat, Bonnie would logically be one of the first ones to go. I totally understand.

    • Judi: I was telling my husband about the fantasy scene where I made out with Eric Winter and I didn't realise that my son was there. Austin said, 'You kissed somebody else? You can't kiss anybody else.' He was livid. I atually had to lie to his face - like any good mum - and say, 'I won't do it again'.

    • Judi: I used to ride horses. I like to play miniature gold and tennis. I love getting outdoors and doing physical things. I love to play baseball with my son. I have always been a tomboy - the dirtier, the rougher, the better!

    • Judi: (on parenthood) It's wonderful! The hard part is, I am really trying to tie those apron strings really tight and he [husband, Michael Luciano] is trying to cut them. I cannot give him knuckles at the baseball games any more, because it's not cool for mums to give their sons knuckles at the game. The first time he said that, I was hurt for days!

    • Judi: (on what she liked most about playing Bonnie on "Days Of Our Lives") Every fantasy and sexual fantasy with every man on the show, and all the dancing and the wacky things, and the challenges of! There were times she would do some of the most unredeemable things, but you felt so bad for her.

    • Judi: (on why she thinks Adrienne and Justin as a couple appealed to "Days Of Our Lives" fans) We really got along and we were really good friends. We had great camaraderie between us. I think the whole rich boy-poor girl's dreams come true is a fantasy everybody wants at some stage. Justin and Adrienne had that kind of relationship. I think a lot of people could identify with the fantasy and wanting that kind of life.

    • Judi: (on playing both Adrienne and Bonnie in "Days Of Our Lives") I changed my hair and got extensions, so the people who knew Adrienne will probably have a bit of a shock. It's very different than Bonnie. Bonnie and Adrienne are alike in that they both would do anything for their family, and they love their families deeply, but the characters are extremely different, and luckily, I had enough time off and enough advance notice.

    • Judi: (asked if she thinks people will be confused when she reprised her role as Adrienne on "Days Of Our Lives) I don't think so. I coloured my hair, which is now auburn, added hair extensions and I've dropped a few pounds. The other day, I saw Ally (Alison Sweeney, who plays Sami) and she didn't recognise me. Even my dog growled at me for a day! My son thinks I look like Lindsay Lohan, which is such a compliment from a 10-year-old.

    • Judi: (on her reaction to the news she was reprising the role of Adrienne on "Days Of Our Lives") It was a bit of a surprise. On my last day as Bonnie, (Days executive producer) Ken Corday mentioned something about a Salem character who had a brother that needed her. It didn't register; I was so at peace knowing I was leaving the show. But then what Ken said clicked, and I asked if he was serious. I was surprised it happened so quickly!

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