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  • Great actress.

    Love her in "Law & Order:SVU.
  • I just love her!!!

    I never understood why Judith Light never became a bigger star. I love, love, love her on "Who's The Boss." I suppose a lot people that watch only prime-time remember her for this only but she's actually been on a soap opera (One Life to Live, for which she won Emmy's), lots of made for TV movies (my favorite being "The Ryan White Story), and starred on stage. She's so talented but for some reason, never became the "household name." She'll be 60 soon and if you've seen any pictures of her, she's still absolutely gorgeous. So underrated! I'm glad to have this show in its entirety in my collection so that I can at least enjoy her whenever i want ... for 8 years of great comedy!
  • Judith Light on WTB?

    I first heard of Judith Light on the show, "Who's The Boss?" Actually, to be honest, I've never seen anything else that she's been on; although I have seen some previews when she goes on talk shows.

    When I saw her on WTB, I thought she was amazing. If I had to label her as one thing, it would definitely have to be an emotional actress. Damn, could she poor on the tears! Those 'type' of scenes...well, she always blew me away. It was talent, simply talent. Those type of emotional scenes, she definitely pulled off well; it was very convicing and it was a pleasure to watch.

    In all, I think she's great actress and was a great actress in her time. Today you don't (or at least I don't) see much of her anymore. Back in the 70's, 80's and early 90's...she was awesome! Absoultely loved her in WTB!

    ~Snyder~ EDIT: What the hell am I thinking? She's on L&O: SVU. Sorry, I was spacing. I love her on that show, when she's on there, but to be honest, I still liked her on WTB more. She had more of a role and she played it well!
  • A very hot woman

    I've been following Judith Light's carerr for over twenty good years. All that time, I had a huge crush on the actress, despite the fact that sh'e married. I don't know if she still is or not. Recently I caiught Judith Light's great performance in "Twenty good Years," a Tv show that I don't care much for. I recently wrote a letter to Judith in support of her career. Last night on "Twenty good Years," she was in fine shape, wear hot cloating. she is a ver talented, sexy woman. She may be getting older, but I still love her.
  • Thank you Too,

    She will always be considered a Mom to me.
    Gost written By: With Love, Charles Boyer
    Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses Love Hugs and Kisses, Thank you.