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Judith McGrath

Judith McGrath

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Judith McGrath


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Judith says many of the friends she grew up with decided to become nurses. 'It was something a lot of girls decided to do,' she says. 'And they became very up-front young women because of the experiences they had in the hospitals.'
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  • So funny!

    She's one of my personal favourites on All Saints. I've noticed that she's appeared in the Flying Doctors. Concidering that's one of my all time favourite shows too, I'm sure I've seen the episodes she's in. I love her as Von. She's funny, dry, always cool under pressure. She has an original way of acting and I hope she will get the chance to develope the character of Von more. I hope she will stick with this character too, can't imagine anyone else playing Von's part! She's a very talented lady, that I can watch any time of the day!moreless