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Judith McGrath




Judith says many of the friends she grew up with decided to become nurses. 'It was something a lot of girls decided to do,' she says. 'And they became very up-front young women because of the experiences they had in the hospitals.'
To describe Judith's All Saints character as 'up front' would be a massive understatement.
Judith explains that Von has been through so much over the years and she is not about to let anyone downgrade her decades of hands-on experience in comparison to a nursing degree. Von would also have her co-workers believe she is a hard-hearted person, but that is certainly not the truth.
'When I got the script for the audition, I thought she was very interesting - I liked her,' Judith says.
'I liked the possibilities of who she was - she is an obvious character in many ways but with good dimensions. And I like the way the writers are developing her.'
Judith has an extensive list of acting credits in theatre and television.
When she was seven she began taking drama s at Brisbane's Twelfth Night Theatre. She took ballet and speech and elocution lessons. Judith says she knew from an early age she wanted to be an actor, although her family had no theatrical connections.
Judith began her professional acting career in theatre restaurants in Brisbane.
In her twenties she made 'the big trip' to London and worked in production for BBC radio's international news services.
When she returned to Australia, she settled in Melbourne and worked extensively in theatre, including many productions for Melbourne Theatre Company and Playbox Theatre Company.
Judith has done many television guest roles - including Bluey, The Sullivans, Skyways and Cop Shop - as well as several main cast roles.
Her longest-running television role was as the tough but fair 'screw' Colleen Powell on Prisoner, also known as Cell Block H. She appeared in just over 200 episodes in the early 1980s.
Judith joined A Country Practice in 1992 to play Bernice Hudson. Judith filmed her first scenes on the show the week Georgie Parker filmed her last scene.
Since then, Judith's credits have included the television series Police Rescue and Naked and mostly theatre work.
She admits to having absolutely no real medical experience but jokes she did have fun playing Matron Gribble (Frankie J. Holden's wife) on the children's television series Around the Twist.
Judith is enjoying working on All Saints and believes all the characters are very well drawn.
'It has been great for me to have started on the ground floor of a show and really be able to establish my character from scratch,' she says.
Judith has been based in Sydney for several years. Outside of acting, her interests include designing and making clothes and 'playing tennis badly'.