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Judson Mills

Judson Mills


5/10/1969, Washington D.C.

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Judson Mills


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Judson Mills was born in Washington, DC and grew up in northern Virginia. His house was actually built by George Washington when he was a young surveyor in the area, and is a historical landmark. Mills grew up hunting and fishing and was most interested in sports, particularly…more


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  • what a toal hot hot hot hottie sweetheart

    he is a very good actor and very very hot as can be they should bring him his own show and he is definitely worth it and he is smart and he thinks school is important not to drop out of and he has said that if Ur in school and everyone love him because he is cutie and smart and a total hot hot hottie and he has a hot booty and he has a good head on his shoulders and he is some one who i want to be a lot alike and he is a very good role model for the younger kids

  • I met Judson Mills in person yesterday and he is really a nice guy. He was very friendly and very handsome.

    I have been watching some episodes of Walker that he was in and feel that if he were given the write script he would be very good. A lot of the times it is not the acting but the right script. Hopefully something will come his way soon because I would enjoy seeing more of him on screen