Judson Scott





7/15/1952 , Azuza, California, USA

Birth Name

Judson Earney Scott




Judson Earney Scott was born on July 15 in Azuza, California, USA. He attended Carl Sandberg Jr. High and Glendale High School.

He is a champion surfer who began surfing for Hobie surfboards at the age of 12 (some sources say age 9).

He earned a B.A. in Theater Arts from California State University at Fullerton, won a scholarship to Julliard where he also graduated with a B.A. in Theater Arts.

After graduating, he was asked to join the country's only professional touring repertory company, The Acting Company. He spent the next two years touring the country under the direction of John Houseman.

He trained at the Actor's Studio in L.A.

He also plays tennis, skis, lifts weights, runs, rides horses, plays concert piano, makes pottery, writes, paints, reads, meditates, performs some stand-up comedy and loves theater above all.

He spent most of the 1990s living in Europe (Italy) and filming movies in France, Germany and Italy.

He's 6'3" tall.