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  • Sad We Have Seen So Little

    I remember seeing Judson Scott on TV years ago when I was a teenager in The Pheonix. I can remember thinking that the show was really "cool" and that he was "cute" and being disappointed when all of a sudden the show just vanished. I really don't think at that time and during his subsequent various appearances in TV shows and movies I really took stock or gave full credit with regards to his acting abilities.

    Over the last few months I have been revisiting his work in chronological order when possible and have been quietly amazed and very impressed seeing the growth and refinement of his craft within the time frame of those same shows. The industry had a jewel in their hands that they never, for what ever reason, provided a true and worthy setting for - truly shortsighted on their behalf - so sad that we have seen so little of this quality thespian. I guess we can only hope that we will see a return of Judson Scott to the screen (both large and small) as a matured actor who has been given the opportunity to realize and share his full potential with the public.

    Jipsea, Ontario, Canada
  • Judson Scott is a well-refined, intelligent and handsome actor. He is very talented in many ways. I do wish that he had received proper crediting for appearing in "The Wrath of Khan". He definitely enjoys the adulation of his fans, especially at sci-fi c

    I think he is best remembered for "The Phoenix" and the "Wrath of Khan". I liked him in The X-File's as Absalom. I hope to see him in other projects again in the future. I wish he weren't so underrated in Hollywood. I would loved to have seen more of him on the big screen.