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  • Trivia

    • Legend has it that Judy Cornwell proposed to her husband John Parry while he was locked in a bathroom. The story also goes that he said yes only because it was a leap year.

    • The show Keeping Up Appearances, on which Judy Cornwell played the role of Daisy, earned more money than any other show in BBC history.

    • In addition to being an actress, Judy Cornwell is also the author of several books, including her autobiography, Adventures of a Jelly Baby.

  • Quotes

    • Judy Cornwell: Being an actress, I'm used to working on characters and bringing them to life. But what is so lovely about writing is having everything under my control. The disadvantage is that the end result can't be blamed on the director, writer, other actors, cutting, or editing. You get the custard pie.

    • Judy Cornwell: The only time I'm ever recognized is when I've no makeup on, my hair looks a mess, I've got my oldest trousers on, and I'm in the supermarket. It's then that someone comes up and says, "Oh, hello."

    • Judy Cornwell: One day I sat opposite two women in a train, and one was telling the other how well she knew Judy Cornwell. I'd never seen her in my life, and at that moment I'd obviously merged into British Rail upholstery!

    • Judy Cornwell: A man once came up and said, "I hope you won't be offended, but has anyone ever told you that you look awfully like Judy Cornwell?" I was fascinated and asked why I should take offense, and he replied, "She's a lot older than you are!"