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  • She was one of the greatest actresses of all time!

    Judy Garland was one of the greatest actresses of all time! She is amazing! Her voice is really good! She was stunning in The Wizard of Oz. That is one of my favorite movies ever. She was born on June 10, 1922. She died on June 22, 1969. I am very sad about that. Poor Judy. I feel like I'm gonna cry. Aww! She died because of accidental overdose. I feel really sad. She was also in the movie Meet Me in St. Louis and many many other movies. Once again, she is one of my favorite actresses and I feel bad about her death.
  • How can she be described as anything but simply amazing?

    Judy Garland is well known to be one of the most successful stars of all time. I have yet to encounter someone who has never seen, one of her most successful movies, "The Wizard Of Oz". She is quite simply outstanding. She exceeds standards in the true qualities it takes to be an outstanding actress and singer. Her voice is absolutely stunning and breath taking. It is so pure and beautiful. It is very hard to find someone who can sing as beautifully as she does! Not to mention that she has starred in a very large amount of movies, a majority of which were very successful.
  • Where would we be without her?

    Take an afternoon to watch the DVD copies of "The Judy Garland Show".

    Any doubts about her talent will dissipate.

    Whether she was up or down, Judy's emotions were on her sleeve and this endeared her to millions. The heartbreak left by her death is still felt around the world.