Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana


2/18/1983, Harlem, New York

Birth Name

LaRon Louis James



Also Known As

Human Crack in the Flesh, L's, JuJu, Bandana Man, Juelz
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Santana is one of the greatest ever. I like him because he is a cool down to earth type person. He doesn\'t act likes hes better than the next man. However, he does like to get his shine on don\'t get me wrong. That iced out diplomat eagle be lookingrightmoreless

    Hes lyrical content is vary different. First of all he is a rapper and does hip hop music. He has a new and unique style. You can say it\'s similar to that of Camron. However, it still has its own twist to it. He shows what he\'s job is and when he does it he does it right. He is definetly a ladies man so girls be careful. Wait till you see his AY.1moreless
  • Has a sick flow

    jeulz santana is (in my opinion) a very clever rapper.Hes definatinaly the besy outta Diplomats(which is'nt saying too much) crew. Im not saying this guys the next Hova,but hes sure to make a name for himself with his clever word-play and sick flow.hopefully his new album this fall will be alot more raw and clever than his debut "From Me To U"