Jules Lund

Jules Lund


4/24/1979, Ashburton, Victoria, Australia

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Jules Lund


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Jules Lund is an Australian television presenter. Jules' career began when he won the FOX FM's "15 Minutes of Fame" competition on radio (presented by Matt Tilley and Tracy Bartram) in the early 2000s. While FOX FM's support of Jules died off once the Fame competition ended,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jules is an avid snowboarder.

    • While performing on Dancing on Ice Jules had a fall and injured his spine.

    • In 2006 Jules was a roving reporter for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

    • Jules presented at the 2005 TV Week Logie Awards

    • Jules studied graphic design in 1996/97, before becoming involved with the Reach Foundation through a camp for suicidal teenagers. He has helped more than 80,000 teenagers through the Reach Foundation by facilitating programs for teenagers ranging from school students to kids in detention centres and the intellectually disabled.

    • In his early 20s, Jules hosted his own weekly Melbourne radio show on Fox FM.

    • Recognising the popularity of Jules on Dancing On Ice, Network Nine decided to shoot a pilot with him. The show, The Big Question, is a panel-style production that debates topics such as 'Who's better: Kylie Minogue or Madonna?' and 'Which football code is better: AFL or NRL?'

  • Quotes

    • Jules: (on one of the best places he has travelled to for work) The Antarctic - A couple of years ago, I flew over the dramatic icy landscape on a special Qantas flight, and it really feels like the final frontier. Besides spectacular scenery, I'm not entirely sure how much there is down there to keep me entertained, but I think I've got some ice skates lying around at home somewhere.

    • Jules: (on his new role as host of "Big Questions") I'll have more splinters than you can imagine, sitting on that fence. But there's nothing better than watching celebs get really fired up…all about whether they scrunch or fold their toilet paper!

    • Jules: (on his role on Getaway) On Saturday we were in Antarctica for the day and then Sunday we were fishing in Wooli. This is definitely a bizarre job.

    • Jules: (on the weirdest place he's been) A couple of years ago I found myself in Spain, sprinting down an alleyway as 12 rampaging bulls tried to turn me into a pin cushion. I was only inches away from being gored as one bull swiped at my rib cage, only to miss and tear off my shoe.

    • Jules: (on the coolest place he's been) To meet the Masai warriors in Africa. They're a fascinating tribe who are just as primitive today as they were hundreds of years ago - except they love watches! Pity they can't tell the time. My initiation was to drink warm cow's blood mixed with urine and milk. Not cool.

    • Jules: (on what he wanted be as a child) When I was a kid I wanted to be Michael Jackson. And I can't tell you how happy I am that didn't turn out. Then I wanted to be a vet, a graphic designer, a hypnotist and, finally, I thought I might give TV presenting a shot.