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    • (In response to the question, "Would you mind if you started getting type-cast for sci-fi movies and TV?")
      Benson: I love working as an actor but I don't want to be limited to one genre. It's important for me to always be challenged with new material. I always want to play the opposite of what I just played. That being said, I have loved being a part of this world and am definitely into working in this genre again!

    • (When asked what the most challenging aspect of playing her Stargate Universe character was)
      Benson: I have really enjoyed all the aspects of playing Vanessa James; I particularly loved working with Bam Bam [stunt co-ordinator, James Bamford] on stunts. You have to be so focused and precise while at the same time stay in the moment as an actor. I have crazy respect for stunt actors, the things they do on set are mind blowing and...they make us look good! I would love to play another role that has some fighting and stunt work as it is a ton of fun.

    • (On the cancellation of Stargate Universe)
      Benson: We had a really great thing going and I am grateful for the experience. But nothing in our business is permanent so you just have to appreciate what it was and move forward.

    • (Of her Stargate Universe character)
      Benson: I think that Vanessa has both strength and vulnerability. She can be one of the guys but also has a softer side; those are qualities that I definitely relate to.I also think that in difficult situations she wants to do what is right and even though it doesn't always work out how she planned, she always gives it her all.

    • (Of working on Stargate Universe)
      Benson: As actors, this show has been a dream as well as a gift, and the cast is phenomenal. Every day we all come to set with big smiles on our faces and it's because of who we're working with, so it's pretty special.

    • (On her work in the Stargate Universe pilot "Air")
      Benson: "Air" was epic - it felt like we were doing a feature film. This cast is huge and we were all here, all the time, for some long days. When we went on to do other episodes, there were scenes where it might be just you and one or two other people, and those stories felt a little different to shoot. So it's nice whenever we get back to doing ensemble-based episodes like "Air."

    • (Of her work on Stargate Atlantis)
      Benson: I actually did an episode of Stargate Atlantis called "Irresistible." I'd auditioned quite a bit for the show before finally being cast as Richard Kind's head wife, Willa. I just remember stepping onto the set and instantly feeling what an incredibly well-oiled machine it was. Everyone was so friendly and it was a very family-oriented place. That's all been reaffirmed for me since coming to work on Universe. They're amazing people here.

    • (Of working on Masters of Horror)
      Anderson: The best part of Masters of Horror was working with Martin Donovan and Rob Schmidt, the director. Martin is such a giving actor and I learned a lot watching him work. Rob was fantastic director and gave me a new love for horror films. they are so fun when you are not freaked by them!

    • (Of her work on Road to Victory)
      Anderson: The moment I read the script, I felt like I connected with [the main character] Anna. And that happens. Sometimes, you pick up a script and you don't have to do any work on it at all. You just get it. You just feel like you can breathe that person into you.