Julia Breck





8/22/1941 , Newport, Isle of Wight

Birth Name

Julia Breck



If you grew up in the seventies watching a particular brand of British comedy, chances are you'll have fond memories of Julia Breck. Although few people seem to remember her by name, she remains a clear case of "Once seen, never forgotten"! A voluptuous, cheeky-looking brunette, accurately described by the Radio Times Guide To TV Comedy as "mammoth-breasted", Julia decorated several of the era's most notable series, notching up appearances in everything from On The Buses to Monty Python's Flying Circus (in the absence of Carol Cleveland), The Two Ronnies to Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. However, it is for her part in Spike Milligan's infamous Q series that she will be best remembered. A regular cast member through all four series between Q6 (1975) and Q9 (1980), Julia brought a charming brand of tongue-in-cheek sexuality and mischievous invention to Milligan's often bizarre ideals, and was often referred to by the Goon himself as a sure-fire ratings winner! Julia's last appearance on British screens was in an advert for Jaffa oranges in the early eighties before she married her husband, Alexander 'Sandy' Paterson and emigrated to France. Despite her early retirement, she will doubtless live forever in the fondest memories of serious comedy buffs.

Julia was also an accomplished actress in legitimate theatre.
After she retired from the stage, to bring up her three sons,she went back to being an artist. She had studied art as a student.
Her hobbies include making dollshouse miniatures and studying medieval history.