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  • Trivia

    • Julia's all-time favorite song is "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler.

    • Julia is the youngest child of he family as she has one older sister and five older brothers. Her parents are Joan and Peter DeMato.

    • Julia recorded the song "At Last" by Etta James for the American Idol 2: Love Songs album in 2003.

    • Julia has yet to secure a record deal with a major label, but did record one song titled "Let It Rain" with Somme Music. It received little critical praise.

    • Julia graduated from Brookfield High School in the class of 1997.

    • In December of 2005 Julia made it back into the news, but in a very negative way as it was due to her being arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine, as well as driving while intoxicated.

    • Julia's performances on American Idol:

      02/04/03 - "Son of a Preacher Man" by Dusty Springfield
      03/11/03 - "Where Did Our Love Go?" by The Supremes
      03/18/03 - "Flashdance... What a Feeling" by Irene Cara
      03/25/03 - "Breathe" by Faith Hill

    • Julia has stated that if she could choose any era to be a performer in she would choose the current one because she thinks it is wonderful.

    • Julia has stated that she expected Kelly Clarkson to win season one of American Idol.

    • Julia has stated that she was never confident in her singing abilities until she saw the show American Idol.

    • Julia has stated that her proudest moment was watching her family and friends' reactions when she made it on American Idol.

    • If Julia did not have the talent of singing she has stated that she would either like to be able to play piano or be an artist.

    • Julia has compared he style of singing to that of Toni Braxton.

    • Julia's favorite male pop artist is Justin Timberlake and her favorite female pop artist is Jennifer Lopez.

    • Julia does not have a particular favorite genre of music because she enjoys many different styles of music.

    • Julia's heroes in life are her family.

    • The first album Julia ever bought was Tiffany's self-titled debut.

    • Julia admitted that her friends would be surprised to find out that she owns The Who's "Greatest Hits" album.

    • This first concert Julia ever attended was Tiffany and New Kids on the Block.

    • Julia's favorite song to sing is "Unbreak My Heart" by Toni Braxton.

    • Had a baby boy on July 6, 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Julia: (her advice to 'American Idol' hopefuls) To just work hard for what you want and confidence can get you anywhere. Never give up.

    • Julia: (her definition of an 'American Idol') Somebody that can produce energy and positivity and be a role model for people that don't have confidence in themselves.