Julia Fordham

Julia Fordham


8/10/1962, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

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    • Julia: There's a lot of peculiarities with British people, they do have these idiosyncratic ways. I find Americans are more open, more interested in self-development.

    • Julia: Mainly, my life revolves around music and the community. I am always delving into the next releases in film, music, and books.

    • Julia: (advice to artists who are starting out) I think I used to answer that question by saying, "Follow your instincts!" Now I think I would say, practice hard. Be really accomplished at what you do. Always keep your eye on the song. Be very clear whether you want to be a pop star or a musician.

    • Julia: I've always felt very comfortable in my feminine skin, and I never have been aware of that. I'm all good to go with the business as a woman. I think you have to play the game. Not to use your feminine ways and whiles, but more just sort of accept that there's a different energy around the man than there is the woman.

    • Julia: I think that it's some kind of dreadful uneven and frankly unfair balance when we constantly will pay off the executive but never cut the band any slack and make them pay for everything, even if the company collapses, closes down or drops the act.

    • Julia: My technique is that I don't have a technique or have a style that I polish and refine, but rather that pretty much 99% of the songs just seem to come to me with words and the music together at the same time, which is quite unusual, I think.

    • Julia: (on her fourth album "Falling Forward") This time I wanted to sing my pants off... I just came to feel you can't keep doing the same things forever.

    • Julia: I wanted to be a singer from the time I was a small child but my hopes were temporarily dashed when I couldn't get into the school choir. My voice was so low they wouldn't have me.

    • Julia: I'm someone who can have really close relationships with people, and I do have really close women friends, but I have never had a lesbian experience.

    • Julia: (on not being part of the mainstream) I think you need youth on your side for that, for one, and I think it also helps if you have a ton of cash behind you, or you have a video, or whatever it is that kind of propels the very small percentage of artists who make it into the stratosphere, so to speak.

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