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  • Brilliant Actress!

    I just saw "the Bourne Ultimatian," not because of the action, but because of Julia stiles. I've been following her career since 1999, when she made her appreance in "10 things I Hate About You." There are 10 things that I love about julia stiles. 1) she smart, 2) She sexy. 3) I'm in love with her (I wrote letters to Julia) 4) I love her movies. 5) I love to see her dance 6) she's the shirley MacLaine of a new Gerneration 7) She's hot, 8) She's hotter 9) She's not Lindsey lohem, 10) she can steal my heart anything she wants.
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    She's amazing. I totally love her. She's one of the best actresses I know. My favorite movie that she is in is probably 10 things I hate About you.
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    i love her in every movie, but my personal favorite is 10 things i hate aboiut you.
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    Julia Stiles is really a talented actress. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "10 Things I Hate About You."
  • Julia..sweety

    Well, she is beautiful and talented. I haven't seen her in a movie for ages!!!It's like she dissapeared! I hope she will make a new movie! She mostly acted in dramas! I hope I will see her in a comedy and soon! The last movie that I saw her in was 'Prince & Me', but she wasn't in the sequel!
  • One of my personal favourites

    I have loved a lot of the things I have seen with her in. The Prince And Me is a good, soppy romance. O is fabulous, its such a good modern day version of a classic story. My favourite has to be 10 Things I Hate About You. That film is so cheesy, a typical teen romance but I cant help but love it. Of course, it helps that both Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles are in it. I think they are both gorgeous.
  • Julia Stiles is a talented actress who has appeared in movies such as 10 Things I Hate About You and Save the Last Dance. Though she not very famous, that doesn't mean that she isn't talented.

    I believe that Julia Stiles is one of the most talented you actresses of today. If you have seen her performance in 10 Things I Hate About You, you will agree. She makes you laugh and cry at the same time. I think it is a shame that she hasn't been in more movies.