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  • Trivia

    • In 1996 for God Said Ha!, Julia was nominated for A Drama Desk award for Outstanding One Person Show. She won Best Lead Performance from the LA Drama Critics.

    • Julia was nominated for 2 Golden Raspberry awards in 1995 (Worst New Actress and Worst Lead Actress) for her role in It's Pat.

    • God Said Ha! won the prestigious Golden Space Needle award at the 1998 Seattle film festival.

    • In 1998, Julia was named as one of Cosmopolitan magazine's 12 Women Who Rocked Our World.

    • Julia began life as a Roman Catholic, gradually became agnostic, and now she claims to be atheist. She documents her journey through faith (or lack of it) in a one-woman show called Letting Go of God.

    • Julia has adopted a baby girl (Tara Mulan) from China.

    • Julia attended the University of Washington and obtained a degree in Economics and European History.

    • Julia attended Marycliff high school in Spokane, WA.

    • Julia's parents are named Bob (a retired federal prosecutor) and Jeri Sweeney (a homemaker). She has 3 brothers (Bill, Jim, and Mike) and 1 sister (Meg). Mike passed away from cancer.

    • Julia is good friends with director Quintin Tarantino. A picture of the two of them on vacation (in Ireland with his girlfriend at the time) is included in her memoir God Said Ha!.

    • Julia has written an autobiographical one-woman show called God Said Ha!. It focuses on her brother's fight with cancer and his eventual death.

  • Quotes

    • Julia: Before you have kids, you think that home is the place where you rest before you go to work, where you work really hard. Now I say home is the place where you're going to work your ass off, and work is where you go to relax.

    • Julia: (About her most famous character...Pat) Pat was originally inspired by a guy, so I was kind of trying to imitate a guy, and then it became another women and another guy. So if you could divide Pat up, Pat is two men to one woman; but then I am a woman playing Pat, so I say it still comes down 50/50.

    • Julia: (After her hysterectomy) The doctors said I could still have kids if I have the eggs fertilized in vitro and then find a surrogate, I go, 'Oh, great. Now I have to meet a guy and a girl.'

    • Julia: (The word "love" means...) To me, it's a word that makes everyone flip out. It's a word that means, Should I say that word back and how much does that word mean? And does it mean something different when you say ''in'' before it, because then it means this drudgery of constantly working on a relationship? Or does it mean delight of being around a certain person whom you also enjoy having sex with? Or does it mean you've known them for 10 years and you've seen them at their worst and their best, and damn it, you're still hanging in there? I'd prefer it if the word didn't exist.

    • Julia: (about plagiarism)
      There's a particular sketch show where we know their writers have been to our shows and then we have later seen sketches that were eerily close to things that were on our stage. And I don't know what the solution is. Pepsi came along because of Coke. Pepsi didn't invent cola, but what are you going to do? There are always going to be copycats. And it's a fine line between something that is a similarity and something that is an outright theft.