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  • Trivia

    • Julia's father is Algerian and her mother Australian.

    • Julia was a guest presenter at the 2005 ARIA awards.

    • Julia has been performing improv comedy with IMPROV Melbourne and Sydney Theatresports since 1986.

    • Before enrolling at the Victorian College of the Arts to study drama, Julia was studying, but did not complete, an Arts degree at Sydney University where she majored in French and English.

    • Julia has twice won the Best Actress award at the Tropfest Film Festival. She won in 1997 for The Extra and in 2000 for Muffled Love.

    • Julia won Australia's Brainiest TV Star in 2006, beating Andrew G, host of Australian Idol.

    • Julia was partnered with David Gleeson of The Screaming Jets when she competed in Series 2 of It Takes Two in 2007.

  • Quotes

    • Julia Zemiro: (on life after appearing on 'Thank God You're Here') Because it's such a huge-rating show, people want to talk to you, they want you to MC events, to be a bit of a celebrity about town. I just feel as if people know I'm around and they're calling me, rather than me sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

    • Julia Zemiro: (on her first impressions of Melbourne) When I came to Melbourne for the first time in 1991 to study, I just loved it straight away. It was colder. It was more European. It was fresher. It was calmer.

    • Julia Zemiro: (on her first paid position with the Bell Shakespeare Company's 'Actors at Work' which toured schools to promote Shakespeare's plays) It was one of the happiest, most blissful jobs I've ever done because you felt like you were getting through to them a little bit, you were working hard, you were doing Shakespeare every day, and you were getting paid. Just to get money in the bank every Thursday was unbelievable.

    • Julia Zemiro: (comparing work at her father's restaurant to life as a performer) Running a restaurant is a lot like theatre, really. You turn up, you prep, you're on, then everyone goes home and you clean up. And the next day it starts all over again. The pressure is on, you've got an audience. Some nights you nail it, some nights you don't.

    • Julia Zemiro: (on winning role as RocKwiz host) I impressed everyone in that room, including myself.

    • Julia Zemiro: (on hosting RocKwiz each week) None of it is rehearsed. None of it is preconceived, we don't have any workshop behind it. It's genuinely what you see is what you get.

    • Julia Zemiro: (on her first rock star crush) As a late teen with proper love feelings developing, it would have to be Bruce Springsteen. I used to buy Rolling Stone magazine and had read a lot about him, was listening to the music, and then hooray, hooray, he was coming to Australia! I went to the Sydney Entertainment Centre concert in 1985. Twice. We were outraged that the tickets were $25 each. My friend and I had slept outside overnight to get tickets and pashed an American each. Mine had a mustache. That was weird. I was nearly 18 and a bit of a late starter.

    • Julia Zemiro: (about beinng asked to compete on 'It Takes Two') You should do at least one thing a year that makes you very, very scared.

    • Julia Zemiro: (about her dreams for the future) I'd like to have my own sitcom. I love the idea of performing live with a studio audience, but it's filmed at the same time. I'm not that fond of TV if there isn't a live audience.

    • Julia Zemiro: (on how acting and performing became part of her life) I grew up an only child, trying to get my parents attention and making people laugh you get a reaction. Being bilingual very young, people immediately think that's funny. I think I must have received laughs early.

    • Julia Zemiro: (about being asked to compete on 'It Takes Two') Everyone's fantasy is to be able to sing. That, or be a rock star