Julian Barratt

Julian Barratt


5/4/1968, Leeds, England

Birth Name

Julian Barratt Pettifer


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Born Julian Barratt Pettifer, 4th May 1968 in Leeds, England and educated at Reading University, he is best known for his role as Howard Moon, one half of the comedy duo that creates the cult series The Mighty Boosh. Barratt is also an accomplished musician, he particularly favours…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Julian moved from Leeds to London in 1994 to try his hand at the comedy circuit. However, he neglected to tell the people that he moved in with, who became suspicious that he was dissappearing for 5 hours at a time in the middle of the night.

    • Julian's real name is Julian Pettifer; however, Equity (the British actors' union) would not allow him to use it, so he became Julian Barratt for professional purposes.

    • Julian stars in Peter Roche's short film How to Tell When a Relationship Is Over. The short has been described as a masterpiece by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.

    • Julian has a 2 line speaking cameo role in the 2003 movie The Reckoning alongside Willem Dafoe.

    • Julian was in the BBC TV short film Surrealissimo: The Trial of Salvador Dali, alongside Noel Fielding, Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas and Vic Reeves.

    • Julian Barratt is 6'2" (188cm) tall

    • Julian starred as the Freelance scientist in the popular Judderman ads for Metz (schnapps) drink, these ads caused quite a stir as many found the Judderman creepy.

    • Julian's partner is Julia Davies, creator of Nighty Night, and they are expecting twins in Summer 2007.

    • Julian Barratt and his "Mighty Boosh" partner, Noel Fielding, also appeared together on the 2005 tv show, "Nathan Barley".

  • Quotes

    • Julian: It's [The Mighty Boosh] something we take very seriously, so you have as much fun as you do with anything that you work hard at. The idea is just for it to look like effortless nonsense but that's always quite a hard thing to achieve.

    • Julian: I mean there is logic to a hermaphrodite mermaid; why wouldn't a mermaid be a sea transsexual? Sea creatures are hermaphroditic.

    • Julian: The Boosh is just born out of stuff that makes us laugh, we're not fans of weird stuff just for the sake of being weird.

    • Julian: It was instantly a good pairing as we both come from very different worlds. Noel's a sort of South London cockney whilst I came from a North English jazz background, but we instantly seemed to understand each other.

    • Julian: I probably see Noel more than anyone. He even creeps into my dreams, his pointy little face haunts me in my sleep. Am I ever going to be safe?

    • Julian Barratt: I'm a bit like a dad, while Noel's like the wife.

    • Julian: I can't quite believe what I'm doing at the moment. It's a bit of a dream come true

    • Julian: Though I've only ever done comic acting. I would like to do more serious stuff.

    • Julian: I'm not very funny at all in real life

    • Julian: I'm not a natural comic, I don't think. That's why I gave up stand-up. It was hard. It involved a lot of death. Dying. Dying on stage. But it's one of those jobs you can only learn by doing it. You can't sit in your room and learn how to make people laugh. It's about a two-way relationship with the crowd and having to control them

    • Julian Barrett: It's a bit like being in a band. Stand-up's a lonely trade on the surface it's social, but you're really on your own. I didn't really like it. I like the dynamic of a double act.

    • Julian Barratt: I do exist in my own right. It's like being married isn't it? I am my own person. I'm not Mrs Noel.