Julian McMahon

Julian McMahon


7/27/1968, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Julian Dana William McMahon


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On his own time, Julian enjoys surfing, biking, and cooking. He is also a fan of baseball, football and basketball, and he collects classic books. Julian threw himself into learning an American accent years ago and can now slip into it easily when acting. Julian was the second…more


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    • Julian: I'd say without a doubt I've had the most sex scenes in any television show, ever. Last season I did eight sex scenes in one day - I haven't topped that yet.

    • Julian: I always look back on Home & Away with fondness, especially when I'm in the UK. But I had no idea what I was doing back then. I just fell into acting. It was only later that I became passionate about it.

    • Julian: (on accents) I use a standard American pronunciation... the difficulty comes when an actor has to think about his accent, because you can't relax and think about your role as much.

    • Julian: (on his Nip/Tuck character) It's the conflict inside that I really enjoy playing. My character is the lead guy, and you don't want the lead guy to be just an asshole all the time. So you have to find ways to make the audience take the journey with you.

    • Julian: I was pretty young when my father was prime minister, so it wasn't really a big part of my life. My folks were away a lot, meeting foreign dignitaries and that sort of thing, but it never struck me as odd. If anything it allowed me to get into all sorts of mischief.

    • Julian: You know, it's always fun to play the bad guy at the end of the day.

    • Julian: It's very hard to step into a job when people are just dismissing you as a pretty face, and saying you got your job only because your surname is McMahon.

  • Just talk from a fan

    I first saw Julian when he played Cole Turner on the TV show Charmed. I was blown away by his acting as a demon. He made me feel like I was right there in the action. I haven't watched Nip/Tuck because I am not sure if I can handle watching the graphics of the show. I have seen many of his movies which I absolutely love them all. I think he is a very good actor and a role model for people who need a little guidance in their lives. Julian seems like he would be a great person to hang out a fun guy to be around.moreless
  • Extremely Talented Actor

    An extremely talented actor that has not received the credit due to him. Many actors allow themselves to be "type cast", something which Julian has thus far avoided portraying convincing, believable and complex characters of great depth. A rare talent indeed.