Julian Morrow

Julian Morrow


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Julian Francis Xavier Morrow


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Julian Morrow is an Australian political satirist, best known for being a part of The Chaser. Julian matriculated from the Jesuit St Aloysuis' college, and studied law at the University of Sydney where he graduated from in 1998. Julian starred in and wrote parts of The Chaser NoN-stop…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Julian attended St Aloysius College in Sydney.

    • Julian was a former Catholic and is now an atheist.

    • On April 28, Julian and fellow colleague Craig Reucassel launched an unmanned blimp in Rome's St.Peter's Square. They were arrested by Italian police, questioned for 8 hours and were charged over breaching the no-fly zone above the 44-hectare city state.

    • Julian and his wife Lisa Pryor are expecting their first child in September, a girl they plan to call Anna.

    • Julian is the son of playwright and English teacher, Melvyn Morrow.

    • Julian is married to Sydney Morning Herald columnist and opinion page editor Lisa Pryor.

    • In May 2007, members of The Chaser's War On Everything were manhandled by security guards at the 2007 Logie Awards after pretending to sprinkle cocaine on the red carpet.

  • Quotes

    • Julian: (on security at the 2007 Logie Awards) At this year's Logies, the surprise factor from last year (when Chas Licciardello appeared on camera 34 times and invaded the stage twice) had 365 days to elapse, and there had been phone calls directly to me and to the ABC that made clear they would be on Chaser alert.

    • Julian: (on "Chaser" members being manhandled after dropping fake cocaine at the 2007 Logie Awards) My starting point for assessing these incidents is to acknowledge most of the time we are being d*ckheads and deserved pretty much whatever we get. The heavier aspects of security were over the top; it seemed to be divided between those who knew and liked the show and those who thought we were an actual security threat.