Julian Rhind-Tutt

Julian Rhind-Tutt


7/20/1968, West Drayton, Middlesex, England

Birth Name

Julian Alistair Rhind-Tutt


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Julian Rhind-Tutt was born July 20, 1968; his father was a Master builder and his mom was in charge of the household. Julian is the youngest of 5 children and has 10 years difference with his sibling closest to him in age. The house of the Rhind-Tutt's family…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Julian's favorite city is Paris because he lived there and got to enjoy the city on another level than a simple tourist.

    • Julian starred in a three minutes film for Amnesty International called Everybody. The short which is part animation and part live-action was made for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and was shown on the website of Amnesty International.

    • As of June 2008, Julian and his Green Wing co-star Stephen Mangan have been dropped from the Barclaycard television advertisement. The firm has decided to go with a more sober publicity campaign.

    • In February 2007, Julian and his Green Wing co-star Stephen Mangan did an appeal for the Salisbury District Hospital as a part of the hospital Stars Appeal Little Lives Campaign which benefited their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

    • Julian's favorite classical composer is Johann Sebastian Bach.

    • In 2005, Julian directed and produced the play Gypsy of Chelsea. The play was written by Tara Summers, she also starred in it. The play focuses on Tara's childhood and her mother's battle with and recovery from cocaine addiction.

    • Julian was a judge for the 2007 edition of The Observer Ethical Awards, he was the a presenter for the gala of the 2006 edition. The Observer is a British newspaper.

    • Julian starred as the title role of Hamlet when he was 18 and still in school. The production he was part of performed at The Edinburgh Festival.

    • Julian is a fan of the Peep Show, a British comedy.

    • When he was young, Julian played the cello, and wanted to become a musician like his brother. When Julian was at The University of Warwick, he was a leading cellist for the University's Symphony Orchestra.

    • Julian's brother is the headmaster of a special needs school. In 2004 Julian helped out by making a film at the school to help fight a finance problem that may have lead to the school's closure.

    • Julian admits to having a very sweet tooth and eating marshmallows for breakfast.

    • Julian converted his Mercedes to LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) to make it more environmentally friendly.

    • Julian played Mr. Monks in the adaptation of Oliver Twist that was aired on BBC One in December 2007.

    • In February 2008, Julian starred as Faustus in Faust for BBC Radio 4. It was a reworking of the classic story of a man selling his soul to the Devil.

    • Julian won the Carleton Hobbs Award from BBC Radio in 1992.

    • In 2006, Julian starred in the British mockumentary Rabbit Fever, about women addicted to their vibrators.

    • In April 2007, Julian appeared in the play Landscape with Weapon. The play is about a weapon's inventor played by Tom Hollander who is about to sell his new weapon to his government, but has a change of heart. The play was penned by Joe Penhall and directed by Roger Michell.

    • Julian has done audio books including:
      Fever Pitch and About a Boy by Nick Hornby
      Facing Up: A Remarkable Journey to the Summit of Mount Everest by Bear Grylls
      The Science of "The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Michael Hanlon

  • Quotes

    • (On one of the destination he'd like to visit)
      Julian: One of my dream trips is to go to the Hermitage in St Petersburg. I went to Poland several times before the collapse of communism, and it was an incredible place. It was fascinating to visit it before and after communism. I would love to have seen Russia during its communist times, and I worry that I should have seen it before.

    • Julian: (Talking about the adaptations of the Miss Marple's stories) Marples are very exciting if they are done right in a beautifully crafted and gentle way. They are classic stories. I don't read many of the novels, but I was always a fan of the Joan Hickson's Miss Marples. And Geraldine brings her own peculiar brilliance and a youthful exuberance to it after Joan Hickson.

    • Julian: (On working on the show Keen Eddie) It is great fun you get to do lots of exciting things you always dreamed about when you were a kid watching detective programmes.

    • Julian: (Commenting on what it means to be ginger haired) I'm differently abled in the hair department. I'm not unaware of it. When people are attacking forms of abuse, they often say, `Of course it doesn't matter if you're black or brown. I mean, what if you had red hair?' It's often next on the list as a form of difference that could give rise to prejudice. I think anyone who's got reddish hair has a tiny reminder of that.

    • Julian (On his musical taste) I was brought up listening classical, but I have a passion for rock, hip hop and folk.

    • Julian: (On starring in Hippies, a tv show with Simon Pegg and Sally Philips) It was a great metaphor for my entire career. On countless occasions I seem to have collaborated with the most talented and brilliant people on the one outstanding failures of their careers.

    • Julian: (On how it is to do a second series of a show) You know the role you're playing, which makes it a bit easier. But at the same time you start to lose your innocence as a performer.

    • Julian: (On what life is when going to university) I had the most amazing time of my life, meeting lots of new people, doing a subject I really wanted to do and being in plays. The things you do at university, the concerts you go to, the people you have sex with - it'll never happen again. I spent the first term thinking: 'Wow! The world is just a great big onion!'

    • Julian: (On fame) Nobody goes up to a baker and says: `Excuse me, mate, you don't know me, but that bun I had last week was absolutely fantastic!' Being an actor is just like any other job, just more in the public eye.

    • Julian: (On filming Green Wing) Only a few people will ever know how satisfying it is to push Steve Mangan's face into a bowl of cornflakes. And then get to do it again and again and again.

    • Julian: (On his health) I try to balance my hypochondria with levity. To prepare for Green Wing we watched several operations, which made me aware of the robustness of the body. It's extraordinary to watch a surgeon plunge his hands into a patient and hold up organs as if he was lifting socks from the washing.

    • Julian: (On his Carleton Hobbs award) The prize is to get a contract on the radio, and because you're so special and talented they pay you less than everyone else.

    • Julian: (Talking about his favorite foods) I love red meat. I like to think that steak and vegetables compensate for the packets of marshmallows that I have for breakfast. I have a very, very sweet tooth. I used to eat a Mars bar a day; now I have more general methods of sugar delivery. Cake, ice-cream - any way I can get it.

    • Julian: (Explaining that he doesn't expect fame to happen to him) I have no expectations of anything that I do anymore, I've been around long enough to have been in so many films, programmes and plays where there have been expectations that have never been met. I've worked consistently with very successful, high-profile people on projects that have come to nothing. Perhaps I should ask myself why that is - my involvement seems to be the common denominator...

    • Julian: (On following a resuscitation class for his role in Green Wing) I did actually go on a voluntary London Ambulance resuscitation course because I thought it would be rather handy, so I'm supposed to know how to do it. There was a bloke from Casualty in my class. Did you know that in Canada you have to do a resuscitation course to pass your driving test?

    • Julian: (Comparing what age means for actors versus what it means for actresses) The great thing about being a man is that you have the opportunity to play interesting parts at any age. Women suffer from having a window of opportunity in their twenties and then often nothing until their late forties.

    • Julian: (On what he does to keep a certain control over his life) The trouble with being an actor is that you're always at someone else's beck and call. You don't control you own destiny. So you have to invent ways of controlling your life. I seem to do that through knowledge. Knowledge is power, right? So I'm either reading or pondering - putting the world to rights.

    • Julian: (Explaining where his surname comes from) I'd like to tell you that I come from a long line of German aristocracy and that I'm very rich, but actually it's a very boring explanation. A man called Tommy Tutt married a lady called Jane Rhind, and suddenly I've got a very posh name. And then my parents called me Julian, and suddenly I sound like a prospective Tory MP for West London!

    • Julian: (About what he has in common with his fellow actors in the Green Wing) What we all share is being at a certain point in our lives, whether that be having had children, having a jaded cynicism about the industry we're in ... we're all at a point where we share a certain easy-going distance from the ... feverishness ... that can be associated with a job like that.

  • Julian Rhind-Tutt is someone that has got better with age. In his late thirties, JRT is an actor who has been on our screens, on the radio, and on the stage, but has only just come to our attention with thanks to Green Wing.moreless

    Julian Rhind-Tutt is someone that has got better with age. In his late thirties, JRT is an actor who has been on our screens, on the radio, and on the stage, but has only just come to our attention with thanks to Green Wing. An actor that is talented enough to portray many many roles, Julian will be around for a long time to come.

    A forum I frequent on has loads in relation to what he has got up over the last few years, plus keeps me updated with what he\'s due in.


  • Top notch

    I very underrated and underused actor. JRT needs to be given more primetime and film roles as most people only know him as Dr Mac from Green Wing. A opart he played with admirably ease as it seems to be suited to his laidback and witty personality.

    Fans forget that Julain is not a comedian or in fact prefers comedic rols, he just happens to be good at it and has therefore possibly suffered from typecasting in these roles.

    He is a very accomplished voice artist and often lends his voice to radio plays where he excels at playing charmers or evil schemers. Would love to see him in more on screen roles like these.

    For more info try visiting http://www.julianrhind-tutt.co.ukmoreless