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  • One of the greatest villains ever on 24...

    Julian Sands is not only deliciously evil as Vladimir Bierko on 24, but is deliciously sexy...where has he been all this time? As a billionaire Russian terrorist, he's smooth and suave...never losing his temper. He's killed hundreds already, and will probably kill more (that is if he can escape Jack Bauer's clutches first!). Evil has never looked so good ;)
  • At last, someone to play authors Preston/Childs (Still Life With Crows) character Pendergast! Pleasepleasepleaseplease?????

    My favorite character was Finn Moxa in "WitchHunt". Julien has just the perfect build and coloring to play the strangely handsome, yet oddly eccentric Sherlock Holmes-esque Agent Pendergast--a recurring character in Preston/Childs fiction.

    Someone's GOT to put a movie other than "Relic" on the screen for these two authors!

    I'll be the first in line for the movie.