Juliana Hansen

Juliana Hansen


Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Juliana Ashley Hansen



Also Known As

Rock Chick Sandy
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Juliana now supports Laura Osnes in the Grease: You're the One That I Want competition.

    • Juliana is 5'4".

    • Juliana helps run her boyfriend's DJ/Karaoke business in New Jersey called Party Joe's.

    • Concert/Recording Credits:
      -Bruce in the USA
      -George Harrison Memorial Concert
      -Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards
      -Everyone Has a Story
      -New Guy in Town
      -Sondheim-A Steven Sondheim Album
      -Unsung Schmidt and Jones
      -Liz Callaway, The Beat Goes On
      -Haines His Way

    • Commercial Credits:
      -Hidden Valley Ranch
      -Kerns Bread

    • Juliana can do proper British, Cockney, Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Southern dialects.

    • Film and TV Credits:
      -Ali in The Land Before Time IV
      -Olivia in Perfect Movie

    • Theater Credits:
      -Ny Theatre: Kitten in Last Dance
      -Tour: Millie U/S (performed) and Gloria in Thoroughly Modern Millie
      -Regional: Belle in The Beauty and the Beast
      -Regional: Luisa in The Fantasticks
      -Regional: Arial in Footloose
      -Regional: Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz
      -Regional: Jennifer in Paint Your Wagon
      -Regional: Kim in Bye Bye Birdie
      -Regional: Beth in Little Women
      -Regional: Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden

    • Juliana has a rough cut demo on her MySpace called Walkin Away.

    • Training:
      -12 years of acting
      -2 years of dance (tap and jazz)
      -7 years of vocal

    • Juliana grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with her single mother.

    • Juliana had laser eye surgery to correct her vision problem.

    • Juliana is in the Bruce Springsteen tribute band called Bruce in the USA.

    • Favorites:
      -Movies: Closer and Almost Famous
      -TV Shows: Sex & The City, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Desperate Housewives and 24.
      -Actor: Robert Redford
      -Actresses: Natalie Portman and Bernadette Peters
      -Singers: Paul McCartney and Gavin DeGraw
      -Foods: Sushi, seafood (any kind), peppermint ice cream, Chilean sea bass and dark chocolate-covered strawberries.
      -Musicals: Into the Woods and Les Miserables
      -Color: Pink
      -Place: Outdoors
      -Vacations: Small ones, with her boyfriend, Joe

  • Quotes

    • Juliana Hansen: (To her fans) I love you guys so much. What you guys have done for me, and just all the support through this whole process, I can never thank you enough. Thank you so much, and I just hope I can make you proud in another situation soon.

    • Juliana Hansen: (About the finale of Grease: You're the One That I Want) There was so much tension than on any other episode. I mean, we were all backstage just holding each other for dear life.

    • Juliana Hansen: Even without the "fame" or public exposure the Grease has brought me, I still have to deal with critical assessments and negative reactions no matter what I do. There will ALWAYS be people who don't think I've "got it," or people who are looking to point out faults and not acknowledge the good in every and anyone, and thats just part of the biz. I've learned to not read reviews or message boards (and make my family swear to not tell me anything- good or bad!) until AFTER I finish a project. I dont want my head taken out of the material Im trying my best to serve because of some silly comments being made. After the fact, I like to read them, and I try to learn from both the positive and negative. Ultimatly, I have to be my own critique... and trust certain people I respect in the biz I to let me know when Im off base!

    • Juliana Hansen: I've ALWAYS loved Grease! I remember having sleepover parties with my girlfriends at school, and singing "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" on my bed... acting it all out! *laugh* I always wanted to be Marty- and Jim Jacobs actually told me that Marty is the least flushed out character... so she's the most challenging role in the show!

    • Juliana Hansen: I feel like natural ability is a HUGE blessing, and it should NEVER be taken for granted. That said, training is essential... and I have continually (when I could afford to) taken voice and dance lessons. I am realising the importance of training SO MUCH more as I grow more experienced... and Im currently studying acting (in class and thru watching films and plays!) and trying to learn from everyone I can and every life experience I have. The great actors say, you never stop growing or improving, and all I can do is listen to them!

    • Juliana Hansen: (About her demo song, Walkin' Away) I wrote it about a guy who had broken my heart. Really, it's about picking yourself up and moving on after your first love goes really really bad. And how, although you have the strength to do that, it doesnt neccessarily make the hurting stop...or the questions stop.

    • Juliana Hansen: I have always wanted to be on Broadway...it's long been a huge dream of mine. I trust it will happen when it's meant to happen. And Im looking forward to it!

    • Juliana Hansen: I can remember being seven or eight years old and inviting my friends to sleepovers. We'd put on the tape of the movie and act out every bit of the slumber-party scene. We were a bunch of goofballs.

    • Juliana Hansen: For most of my life, I've been cast as the sweet, innocent girl. But that allowed me to tap into my edgy rocker side.

    • Juliana Hansen: No, I'm not a waitress. I keep dropping stuff…

    • Juliana Hansen: (About her boyfriend, Joe) He shares my love of music and is always looking to try something new with me.

    • Juliana Hansen: I got my chance to 'be a rock star' and was asked to fill in for a friend who was having a baby and needed time off. I spent about a week learning 20 songs on guitar, tambourine and getting my harmonies down and a few days later I was off to Vegas for my one rehearsal with the band (the day before my first gig at the House of Blues in Chicago)! The gig was a success, and I have been touring as the "East Coast Patti" for the last 2+ years!

    • Juliana Hansen: My eyes were -725 in both eyes - I was basically legally blind.