Juliana "Jules" Hatfield


Juliana "Jules" Hatfield Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Juliana is an indie rock singer.

    • Her parents divorced when she was only 11 years old.

    • Her song "President Garfield" is a reference to Henry Rollins (who later became Henry Garfield, but never became President).

    • Juliana started smoking when she was very young and is still trying to cut on the addiction.

    • Juliana Hatfield along with Natalie Merchant and Jorma Kaukonen contributed to write songs for a CD album called "Too Many Years", which benefited the Clear Path International Organization.

    • Juliana classifies shopping as "robotic", because all people do is spend money like they are robots, not even stopping to think about what they are buying.

    • Juliana joined a music group in 2003 called Some Girls.

    • Juliana split from Mammoth Records in 2006, although this company was the one that triggered her career.

    • The most recurring themes in her songs are drugs and sex issues.

    • Her friends and family know her as "Jules."

    • Her discography includes "Hey Baby" (1992), "Everybody Loves Me But You" (1992), "Forever Baby" (1992), "I See You" (1992), "Become What You Are" (1993), "My Sister" (1993), "For The Birds" (1993), "Spin The Bottle" (1993), "Only Everything" (1995), "Please Do Not Disturb" (1997), "Bed" (1998), "Total System Failure" (2000), "Beautiful Creature" (2000), "Gold Stars" (2002), "In Exile Deo" (2004), "Made In China" (2005), "The White Broken Line" (2006) and "Sittin' In A Tree" (2007).

    • She is 5'7".

    • Juliana studied voice at the Berklee College of Music.

    • One of her best known hits, "My Sister," is not based on any sister, because she does not have any sisters.

  • Quotes

    • (addressing those who called her a feminist)
      Juliana: Do they realize that by what they do, they're knocking down everything they're probably trying to achieve? They're backpedaling, making it impossible to make changes in the way things are perceived. And I'm not a conservative person; I'm very much into personal freedom.

    • Juliana: I've always been pretty confused about love and life. But I've been digging deep into myself and my past to get to the bottom of things and I'm beginning to understand things much better. Before, I was completely unaware of what I was doing — I was just this idiot savant, spitting out these songs that I wasn't really thinking about. Now, I'm more aware of what I'm saying and have more control over what I'm thinking. And the self awareness is making me a more confident songwriter and performer.

    • Juliana: To me, success was not having to have a boss and not having a day job. I've been living my own version of success since the early '90s when I first got signed. I haven't had a job since then.

    • (about Catholic people)
      Juliana: A lot of so-called Christian souls are not fine. People need to look inside themselves and at the lives they're leading and fix themselves before they try to fix other people. A perfect example is the Catholic priests.