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  • Good actress.

    Loved in "ER". Alittle overated.
  • Beautiful actress that we don't see often enough.

    Carol was my favorite character from ER thanks to Julianna Margulies. She is a wonderful actress and I was very disappointed that she left the show but she had to spread her wings. She played the dramatic roles exceptionally well and the comic parts brought out her wonderful smile.
    She has a smile that lights up the room.

    I found out that the character of Carol was only to be in the piolt episode. I am so glad they decided to keep her because it gave everyone a chance to see just what a great actor Julianna is.

    I have not seen too many movies with her in them but Paradise Road was brilliant and she played a fantastic role in it.
  • I think it's about time to for recognize her.

    There are many reasons why ER is one of my favorite shows. Julianna Margulies is a huge reason why. I think that her character Carol Hathaway is a complex and unique one. She is a great actress. She also has great judgement in choosing her roles. Which is evidenced by the fact that she was in two of my favorite tv shows(Scrubs and ER). I love her laugh and her endearing voice. She also has a unique walk. On top of all these considerable qualities, she is stunning. If you have seen her acting before, you know what I mean. If not then find out for yourself. It would not be regretted.
  • Fun and interesting to watch and she brings something different to each of her films/shows.

    Julianna is positivley brilliant! She has been a convincing nurse, flight attendant, and prime object finder! Julianna's sense of humor is great and she can really do the more serious things,but she knows when it's time to be funny. I think that she isn't seen enough and should really do more. Her preformance in ER is one of my ultimate favorites and she makes Carol Hathaway a very well-rounded character. When she is on sreen, it seems like she is very passionate about what she does and that she loves doing it. Her acting is very versitile and I am looking forward to seeing her in more things!

    I absolutely love her!!!!!!! She absolutely is amazing in everything she does and I loved her as carol on er she gave me everything i wanted in that character! she stole the hearts and minds of all the true followers of er who saw her in the beginning and when she and doug (played by george clooney) got together it was pure magic!!!!! i could not take my eyes off them when they were on screen! i loved the two of them together and apart! julianna margulies is very talented and it is time the world became fully aware of that fact
  • Interesting choice of characters and genres, but always will be remembered for her role in E.R. where she certainly won hearts and minds with her character.

    Warm and engaging actress who always feels tough but natural in appeal. Versatile and can take the most dodgy of scripts and make them appealing. Interesting choice of characters and genres, but always will be remembered for her role in E.R. where she certainly won hearts and minds with her character.

    Special moments included her episode with Ewan MacGregor, her on role relationship with Dr Doug Ross and the fact she is the only nurse to stay a nurse. Other amazing roles included Morgan Le Fay, her tough action role in Ghost Ship and Only Cooking. Julianna Margulies has always been a classy and respected actress, who perhaps has never quite been able to get the right major film role to cement her talent in the annals, hopefully this will happen for her, but especially on the silver screen she has been amongst the best in the business.