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    • Julianna Margulies: (on her CBS TV series The Good Wife moving from Tuesdays at 10pm to Sundays at 9pm) I'm thrilled. At first I was taken aback because you always think a move is a bad sign. And then I started thinking about it -- this was all in the span of like five minutes -- and I was like wait, that was The Sopranos spot. That's like my favorite time to watch television... Hold on a minute, this opens a whole door to the kinds of people that we want to attract to our show: a younger audience and an older audience, because a younger audience, young people can stay up at nine, and old people can stay up at nine... what it also does is, you can't really categorize our show. We're not a procedural, we're not a serial, we're a legal, political, human show, and any given week can be something else, and I think it allows us not to be pigeonholed. (www.huffingtonpost.com, 05/23/11)