Julianne Buescher




Birth Name

Julianne Buescher




Julianne Buescher graduated with a BFA in Acting from The Theater School in DePaul, Chicago, Illinois.
She became a puppeteer by sheer accident. She had just completed an Equity Tour, a TV movie, and had moved to L.A. to perform improv comedy at Second City, Santa Monica. Julianne came across four guys one night in Santa Monica who were dressed in Henson jackets with Kermit heads. She told them that she thought Jim Henson was wonderful and what an impact he had on her life. They told her to come by and say "hello" to him and gave her Kermit's calling card. She didn't work up enough courage to do so and two weeks later Henson died. One of the promises she made that day was to never pass up a chance at ANYTHING that came her way ... ever again. Not too long after his death, Henson's son began looking for comic actors who he was willing to train as puppeteers for a new TV series called "Dinosaurs." They learned hand puppeteering. She went in for the interview and got a job with them and ended up being a puppeteer! (Winning 2 Emmys in the process)