Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough


7/20/1988, Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

Birth Name

Julianne Marie Hough


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Julianne is an American born dancer/actress/singer/songwriter. She became instantly famous when she got a job on Dancing with the Stars season 4. She went on to win the season 4 and 5 competitions of Dancing with the Stars. She has also begun her Country Music singing career with…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Her only album, named Julianne Hough was released in May 20, 2008 and got to the 3rd place in the US chart and 1st place in the US Country chart.

    • In 2012, Julianne was nominated in Teen Choice Awards for her work in the 2012 movie Rock of Ages, in the categories "Movie: Choice Breakout" and "Movie: Choice Chemistry" (This last nomination was shared with her co-star in the movie, Diego Boneta).

    • In 2009, Julianne was nominated in the CMT Music Awards in the category USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year, for the music video of her single "That Song in My Head".

    • In 2009, Julianne won the Top New Female Vocalist and Top New Artists awards from the Academy of Country Music.

    • Jullianne attended the Las Vegas Academy and the Alta High School, in Utah.

    • Julianne comes from a long family of dancers. Both her parents, all her grandparents and sibblings are professionally trained dancer.

    • Julianne has two fitness videos, based on dance, named: "Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom" (2009) and "Dance with Julianne: Just Dance!" (2010).

    • In 2007, Julianne released her first single named "Will You Dance With Me". This single was released in iTunes and Walmart, and its proceedings were donated to the American Red Cross.

    • From April 2010 to March 2013, Julianne dated Ryan Seacrest.

    • Julianne is ranked #10 in AIM's "100 Celebs Under 25".

    • As children, Julianne and her brother (Derek) and best friend (Mark Ballas) formed their own pop trio called "2B1G(2 Boys 1 Girl)."

    • On July 17, 2008, Julianne was nominated for an Emmy in the category of "Outstanding Choreography" for her work on Dancing with the Stars.

    • In 2008, Julianne began an ad campaign for Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum in which she sings and dances.

    • Julianne's partner on season seven of Dancing With The Stars is 18 year-old Cody Linley. He was the youngest contestant ever to compete on the show, until season eight when 16 year old Gold medal winner Shawn Johnson was on the show. Julianne and Cody finished 4th in that competition.

    • Julianne was ranked #30 in Maxim's Hot 100 Women 2008.

    • Julianne released her self-titled debut album on May 20, 2008 on the Mercury Nashville Records label. Her first single, "That Song in My Head", was a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

    • Julianne's season 5 Dancing with the Stars partner was Hélio Castroneves. They were eventually voted as the winning couple, her second consecutive win.

    • Julianne will tour in the summer of 2008 with Brad Paisley to support her debut album Julianne Hough which includes the single "That Song in My Head."

    • Her Dancing with the Stars Season 6 dance partner is Adam Carolla. they were eliminated from the show on April 8, 2008.

    • Julianne was ranked #13 on Entertainment Tonight's "Hot List of 2007."

    • Julianne and her partner Apolo Anton Ohno received the first perfect score on Dancing with the Stars 4.

    • Julianne is the reigning International Latin Youth Champion and Junior Blackpool World Latin Champion. She is the youngest to win either award as well as the first American to win either award.

    • Julianne currently lives in Los Angeles, California, to pursue her desire to be an actress, singer and dancer.

    • Julianne has presence in several social network sites as MySpace page, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram to keep in contact with her fans. She also has her own official website.

    • Julianne does not drink or smoke.

    • Julianne's favorite books include The Lord of the Rings, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Scarlet Letter and anything by Nicholas Sparks.

    • Julianne's hobbies include snow boarding, skiing, water skiing, wake boarding and sky diving.

    • Julianne's religion is Mormon.

    • Julianne's Zodiac Sign is Cancer.

    • Julianne is 5' 3" (1.6 m) tall.

    • Julianne's favorite TV shows include 24, Friends, The Simpsons, Alias, The Family Guy, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars.

    • Aside from dancing, Julianne is also a singer and songwriter.

    • At the age of 10 and following her parents divorce, Julianne moved to London to join her brother Derek and to attend the Italia Conti Academy of the Arts to study dancing.

    • Julianne is a natural blonde.

    • Julianne has 4 siblings, named Sharee Hough, Mara Beth Hough, Katherine Hough, and Derek Hough. She is the youngest of her siblings

    • Julianne's season 4 dance partner on Dancing with the Stars was Apolo Anton Ohno. They were selected as the winners.

    • Julianne helped to choreograph Gwen Stefani's Wind It Up music video.

  • Quotes

    • Julianne: (on comparing being on tour with her brother Derek to the time they spend training in London when they were still teenagers) It was a time in my life where it was really, really hard work but the result was very fulfilling. Dancing is taking me back to my roots and giving me that energy and confidence. I'm just going for it now.

    • Julianne: (on her parents) Our parents are very cool. They are not super involved like stage moms and dads, but they are very proud.

    • Julianne: (on being on tour with her brother Derek) When you train together and travel together the relationship becomes very supportive.

    • Julianne: (on her relationship with her brother Derek) When you do have a bond like ours, it is more like a partnership, not necessarily a brother-sister thing.

    • Julianne: (on her doing the dance tour Move Live On Tour with her brother Derek Hough) We're going to do dances and performances, but we also want to get people inspired and active, and we're going to incorporate the audience into the show.

    • Julianne: Create whatever life you want! You have the power to do that by the way you think... Change your meaning and you'll find yourself with a new purpose!!

    • Julianne: We all have the power to create the life we want to live!

    • Julianne: Being open is a hard thing to do because you feel vulnerable! What I've realized recently though is the more open and vulnerable I am 1. The more powerful I feel, 2. The more I feel in control of my life, 3. The more faith I have in God, 4. The more feminine I feel, And of course, 5. The more I trust MY TRUE SELF! Being vulnerable/open is actually the strongest YOU you can be! This was something that I really learned this year!

    • Julianne: By the time I was 18, I wanted to be a professional dancer: I happened to be on Dancing With the Stars. When I was 19, I wanted to be a singer: At that age, I had my first record out. I said by the time I'm 22, I wanted to be a movie star...

    • Julianne: (on her being extroverted) I suck at [being guarded]. I'm an open book. I have no filter. And sometimes that's a bad thing. But at least you know it's honest.

    • Julianne: I've always wanted to sing country music. I've grown up with country music. I love how real everybody is, not just the artists, but the fans.

    • Julianne: I knew if I stayed in London my whole life would be dancing. I'd won almost every major title you can. I thought 'This really isn't my passion. I really want to sing,' and I knew I wouldn't be able to if I stayed there.

    • Julianne: A lot of people know me as a dancer, but this album shows a different side of me. I've experienced a lot for someone my age that a lot of people will be able to relate to.

    • Julianne: Apolo finds some of the dance movements very awkward. To turn out and open up the hips is, for him, very difficult. But he listens to everything I say and really tries to do exactly what I say, when I say it.