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  • Prince Harry misses meeting Julianne Michelle by two minutes in a New York Hotel lobby. This is the second time their paths crossed.

    Prince Harry and Julianne Michelle, beautiful and intellectual star of the feature film, "Shannon's Rainbow", missed each other by 2 minutes in a New York hotel lobby, according to Wallace. "Shannon's Rainbow" is scheduled for a summer '09 release in USA theaters. The film is great and the cast is outstanding. Claire Forlani, Julianne Michelle, and Louis Gossett, Jr. deliver Oscar mention performances. The entire cast is great! Stewart Rahr, a friend of the Royals according to Wallace, is Executive Producer and Joseph A. Di Palma is also an Executive Producer. The film is produced by Joycelyn Engle. This heart felt movie is inspirational and brings joy and appreciation for family and a greater respect and care for horses in our lives.
  • Lou Gossett, Jr., Eric Roberts, Forlani, Michelle amazing actors! "Shannon's Rainbow" all the stars are strong actors, award winners (Golden Globe and Oscar winners and nominees included) All so good looking. This cast is amazing!

    Claire Forlani, Julianne Michelle, Jason Gedrick, Eric Roberts, Lou Gossett, Jr.( Oscar Winner), Stephen Colletti, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, Charles Durning, Joanna Pecula, Krista Allen, Carson Brown, Melissa Spielberg Katz, Scott Eastwood, Steve Guttenberg, Willie Garcon all fine actors!
    Award winning director, Frank E. Johnson and the great writers John Mowod and Larry Richert are amazing! Shannon's Rainbow, a heartwarming drama is a must see. Carson Brown, 16, is a talent and a beauty! Lovely Daryl Hannah gives a terrific performance, and Claire Forlani is breathtaking in every scene. Executive Producers Joseph Di Palma and Stewart Rahr want to work with all these people again.
    The director, Frank Johnson searched the USA looking for the "perfect" Shannon and found Julianne Michelle 2 years ago.