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    I have to confess a real weakness for cute red-haired-girls with freckles.  Folks, Julianne is the mother of all cute red-haired girls with freckles.

    Apparently she was a model - I'm sure that all the bland, conventional-looking super-models avoided at any cost standing next to Julianne - they would just fade out of the picture in comparison.

    After seeing her on "L&O Criminal Intent", I was totally in love and went hunting for movies.  Only one I could rent was "Tully" - she was just amazing - am looking for a copy to buy.  Haven't been able to find any others yet but you can bet I will.

    There are a few very sweet head-shots of her on the Net - I have them and am looking for more.

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    Julianne is definitely beautiful. Her look is very unique. She isn't plain at all, and when you look at her she definitely warrents a second glance. I personally liked her look when she was on "Conviction" moreso than her look on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." But she still looks amazing on CI and I have to say, that I don't know very many actresses that would be able to pull off the short pixie cut that she has. She looks great!
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