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    • Julianne Nicholson:(On actors she would like to work with) I'd really like Katherine Keener, Tilda Swinton, Jared Harris, to name a few. There are so many people I would like to work with

    • Julianne Nicholson: I want a career. I don't need one flashy role that's going to make me a movie star.

    • Julianne Nicholson:(About modeling) I felt everyone was prettier than me. I never felt worse about myself physically, so I quit.

    • Julianne: I just hated my hair. I just wanted to get rid of it. It actually happened before they called to see if I wanted to do this role [Law and Order:Criminal Intent], and I'm glad. I think it's a start to playing a new character.

    • Julianne: I did do an episode of the original Law and Order about 5 years ago, which was thrilling because as a New York actor you really don't feel like you've made it until you've done at least one of the Law and Orders. And then last season I did a show called Conviction, which was also a Dick Wolf production, and I think they became more familiar with my work through that show because we did 13 episodes. And then over the summer I was away and they called and asked if I would come back and do this one after we found out that Conviction wouldn't be going any further.

    • Julianne:(On working with Vincent D'Onofrio and Chris Noth) Well, I actually don't work with Vincent. Because we alternate episodes, I see Vincent around from time to time at a photo shoot or if we have days where we're both filming our own episodes but I am primarily with Chris and it's great. I mean, he knows his character so well, he knows the show so well, that I think he just instinctually has this amazing sense of just the very small things that could otherwise go missed or unnoticed. He is very good at it and he's hilarious and irreverent and really makes me laugh.

    • Julianne:(On if she prefers film or TV) I like both. Hopefully the subject matter is interesting and well written. Television allows me to have a roof over my head and I love the consistency of knowing where I'm going to be day to day. I love having that time to really discover who the character is by way of different experiences that they encounter week to week. But it's also exciting to do film because you get to play a varied amount of characters and you know, a lot of times you get deeper into it in a shorter amount of time just because you only have a month or a month and a half as opposed to a full season. I feel really lucky that I've been able to do both, actually.

    • Julianne: (On filming in New York for Law and Order:Criminal Intent) It's one of my favorite things about the show actually, yes. I mean, also, I lived in New York for 11 years and then I moved out to California for 4 years and then I've been back in New York for about a year and a half now and I really love it here. I'm from Massachusetts, I grew up on the East Coast, so I really feel a connection to this coast. Also, my husband is English, so we're closer to his family. And just filming on the streets, it's amazing to see people's reactions to us and to the show because as annoying as it can be, if you're blocking someone's doorstep or shutting down the outside of a restaurant or any number of things that could be problematic, people 95% of the time are more just happy to see us and it's very nice. Also, you get to see parts of New York that you never would otherwise. I think my first location was the Penthouse Club on the Westside Highway, so I was like, "Oh hey, I've never been here!"

    • Julianne:(On how she got into acting) It was something that I had wanted to do since I was very young, like 7 or 8 years old. But I didn't actually start taking acting classes until I was 24. Where I grew up, it just seemed so far away and another world, I just didn't think that I would be able to do that. And then moving to New York helped. I moved to New York when I was 18 and went to Hunter College and did some modeling and worked in restaurants and kicked around here for a while and in that time had met a number of people who were actors in varying stages of their careers and got hooked up with an acting teacher here in New York and studied with her for 2 years. And that was sort of my intro into the world. So it took about, you know, 20 years, but I got in it!

    • Julianne: I thought their idea was crazy, and I would never suggest something like that in real life.

    • Julianne: I feel like I've been in a good situation because I've been a regular on three shows but never done more than thirteen episodes.

    • Julianne: There's so many things I love about it [acting].

    • Julianne: (About her character in Seeing Other People) She's kid of figuring it out as it goes along, which is sweet.

    • Julianne: You hear vaguely of people having open relationships, but I don't know what that means and I don't know anybody who does that.

    • Julianne: I'm not pigeonholed into one character, which is great.

    • Julianne: Feeling like you've done a good job at the end of the day with a scene. Like you've really experienced it. Even in an audition, it can happen. There's nothing like that.

    • Julianne: I don't look at it as going in a certain direction. I respond to what I like. A lot of times that ends up being independent films.

    • Julianne (when being compared to Keener and Posey): I take that as a huge compliment. Both of them are so talented.

    • Julianne: It would be great if people saw it [the movie Seeing Other People] and had an opinion. A lot of people who have seen it said it really stayed with them and it's come back to them for days after.

    • Julianne: The most frustrating thing is coming close to a project you want to do, then losing out to someone who has a name. I don't begrudge them, but it sucks for me. It's happening less, but it's still frustrating.

    • Julianne: If you can really lose yourself and give over in a scene, there's no feeling like it.

    • Julianne: She's [Brittany Murphy] so vibrant. We auditioned together a couple of times and we've had rehearsals. She's adorable. We start shooting on Monday.

    • Julianne: The best thing to do is join an acting class where you hone your craft, and meet other people trying to do the same thing. You can start in your town, but you will probably have to move to New York or L.A.

    • Julianne: I don't think she's [Brittany Murphy] immature. I guess we all have that side. I think she's very grown up. I think she's been in this business for a long time and I think she really knows what she's doing. She brings that to the table.

    • Julianne: I thought it was such a great script. Really interesting subject matter. It's so unusual that it would be the woman coming up with the idea to
      sleep with other people.