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    Did you know they are searching for the next Maria for The Sound of Music stage show?  I don't think they will be able to find anyone who can top Julie's performance in the film. It is the greatest film of all time. Also, does anyone think she has been in a film which is better than the Sound of Music? I liked Mary Poppins and Thoroughly Modern Millie but hated the Princess Diaries - Julie was the one one with any talent in them.
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    No i didn´t know they were looking for someone. I really like her. She´s very talented. I´ve only seen "The Sound Of Music", "Mary Poppins" and the "Princess Diaries". I think she sings exelent too!. Too bad that she had her problem with her vocal chords. We did "The sound of music" in my school, my mom was Julie. and it was too hard for her to reach all the notes.
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