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  • I have love julie Andrews ever since I was a little kid and still do! She is such a talented singer and preformer.

    I hope julie Andrews will live for a long time still because I would be devastated when she dies. She is the same age as Elvis Presley(70's) and has made no stupid mistakes with her fame yet and probably never will. I first saw her in Mary poppins, as did many other kids my age. but I have also seen her in Sound of Music, a Muppet Show episode, Enchanted, Princess Diaries 1 and 2, and Shrek 2 and 3. I wish I'd had seen her in some of her more early shows from the fifties but I was born in the ninties. She won't be around much longer but I will share her with all my kids (if ever I have any) and my nieces/nephews (if ever I have any).