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    • In 2008 Julie Andrews wrote her memoir Home: A Memoir Of My Early Years

    • Julie reprises her role of Queen Lillian in the movie, Shrek the Third.

    • As part of the promotion for Julie's latest book, The Great American Mousical, Andrews recorded a brand new song entitled "The Show Must Go On!". This recording was created to enhance the reader's experience and also to accompany a new web-game featuring the 'Mousical' characters.

    • Julie was married to Tony Walton from 1959-1968 and their union produced one daughter, Emma. Tony was responsible for many of the designs for Mary Poppins. He continues to work with both Julie and Emma as the illustrator for the books the mother/daughter duo have written together as well as for other books in the Julie Andrews Collection.

    • Julie has received three Tony nominations for her work in My Fair Lady, Camelot, and Victor/Victoria, but has never won the coveted statuette. She was a favorite to win for Victor/Victoria but turned down the nomination when the rest of the cast and crew were overlooked for consideration.

    • Julie insists on taking her own tea bags whenever she travels. Her preferred brand is the UK brand PG Tips.

    • Julie's first book, Mandy came about as a fulfillment of a debt to her step-daughter, Jennifer, who challenged Julie to stop swearing at home. Julie lost the bet and kept her end of the bargain by writing a book for Jennifer. The end result was the touching story of an orphan girl. It was published in 1971 and dedicated to Jenny.

    • In 1983, Julie won the Golden Globe's "Best Motion Picture Actress" award in the musical/comedy category for her performance in Victor/Victoria. That same year, she won the "People's Choice" award.

    • In 1997, Andrews won the Tony Theater Wing's "Lifetime Achievement Award".

    • Richard Burton: (speaking of his Camelot co-star Julie) Every man I know who knows her is a little in love with her.

    • In 2006 in New York, Julie Andrews directed a revival of The Boyfriend. The same show had helped launch Julie as a successful Broadway actress in 1954.

    • Julie has a star on the Hollywood Walk of

    • Julie has blue eyes.

    • Julie loves fresh flowers and she also arranges them.

    • Julie sang a duet entitled "Crowning Glory" with Raven-Symone in Princess Diaries 2.

    • She once said that she hates wearing wigs.

    • Julie did commentary for the 40th anniversary Mary Poppins DVD.

    • In The Princess Diaries 2 DVD Commentary Julie hadn't sung for 8 years.

      Gary Marshall asked Julie to sing. She asked to sing a song of 5 low notes.

    • In 2001, she and her The Sound of Music co-star Christopher Plummer teamed up for a live broadcast of On Golden Pond on CBS.

    • Julie's many charities she helps out are UNICEF, Save the Children and Operation: USA.

    • In 1949, Julie made her television debut on a BBC program called Radiolympia Showtime.

    • In 1946, Julie made her radio debut when she sang with her step-father on a BBC variety show.

    • In 2002, Julie was voted the 59th greatest Briton ever in a BBC poll.

    • On November 12th 1969, Julie married director Blake Edwards.

    • After her voice was damaged by a botched vocal cord surgery, Julie doubts she will ever be able to sing again.

    • In 1965, Julie won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the 1964 film Mary Poppins.

    • She adopted two children (Amy and Joanna) from Vietnam with her husband, Blake Edwards.

    • Julie changed her last name from "Wells" to "Andrews" when her mother married her stepfather Ted Andrews.

    • In the 1960's, Julie's car had a bumper sticker that read "Mary Poppins is a junkie".

    • In 2001, Julie was a recipient of the John Kennedy Center Honors.

    • It is reported that Julie received $30 million in 2001 for her botched throat surgery she had in 1998.

    • Julie had to spend some time in a psychiatric clinic to help her cope with the trauma resulting from her throat surgery

    • Julie was named a Dame by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II on the Millenium New Year's Honors List on December 31, 1999.

    • Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett have been great friends for a number of years and have done numerous comedy specials together. Carol is also the Godmother to Julie's daughter, Emma.

    • Julie's The Sound of Music co-star, Christopher Plummer, once said of Julie that "Working with her is like getting hit over the head with a Valentine's card."

    • Julie has five children including two step-children from Blake's earlier marriage (Jennifer and Geoffrey), a daughter from her own first marriage (Emma), and two adopted daughters who had been orphaned (Amy and Joanna).

    • With Julie acting and Blake directing, the husband and wife team have filmed such movies as Victor, Victoria, 10, and S.O.B.

    • Disney paid tribute to the great actress by naming the stage where Julie filmed Mary Poppins and 40 years later, The Princess Diaries, The Julie Andrews Stage.

    • Dame Julie has starred in more than 20 films including such beloved films as The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and The Princess Diaries.

    • Julie has written many children's books, including The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.

    • Julie is reported to have perfect pitch.

    • Julie actually has a rose named after her.

    • When she writes her children's books, Julie uses the pen-name "Julie Edwards".

    • Julie's bio lists her height at 5'7".

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