Julie Benz

Julie Benz


5/1/1972, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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  • Julie Benz as Stephanie Powell on No Ord...
  • Julie Benz on No Ordinary Family.
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  • Julie Benz as Rita Morgan and Michael C....
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Julie Benz was supposed to be a doctor, not an ice skater, not an actress. She comes from a whole family of doctors. Her father is a well-respected surgeon in Pittsburgh. Once he made her watch 6 hours of hemorrhoid surgery on videotape. That's when she decided not…more


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  • Julie Benz

    I haven't seen a great deal of Julie on TV, but when i have seen her i've been mesmerised by her performances. I've seen her in both Angel and Dexter, along with a few small parts in movies. Despite Angel's main intended audience being teenagers, her portrayal of Darla in the show was enticing and also at times heart-wrenching. While in her role as Rita in Dexter was very believable and at times rather provocative. I've heard that she's also popped up in Desperate Housewives, which is a show i've never been particularly fond of giving a try. However, now that Julie's part of the cast i may have to adjust my preconceptions and give it a look. Basically- she's a very talented actress, with an alluring voice, a beautiful face and a gorgeous body and if you don't agree...well..there must be something wrong with you.moreless
  • Julie Benz the actress

    Julie Benz is a beautiful and gorgeous actress i loved her on angel and her character darla is soooo great, she's my favourite character in angel!

    she also looked so beautiful in angel especially when they went back in time with her big hair

    plus i gotta say that her and david (angel) make such a cute couple!

    anyway i cant think of anything else

    but she is also a great actress and i hope to see her in more things.

    She acted as darla so well. and i think she'll become quite successful!

    good luck Julie

    I know you'll do well

    I love watching Darla in angelmoreless