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    I haven't seen a great deal of Julie on TV, but when i have seen her i've been mesmerised by her performances. I've seen her in both Angel and Dexter, along with a few small parts in movies. Despite Angel's main intended audience being teenagers, her portrayal of Darla in the show was enticing and also at times heart-wrenching. While in her role as Rita in Dexter was very believable and at times rather provocative. I've heard that she's also popped up in Desperate Housewives, which is a show i've never been particularly fond of giving a try. However, now that Julie's part of the cast i may have to adjust my preconceptions and give it a look. Basically- she's a very talented actress, with an alluring voice, a beautiful face and a gorgeous body and if you don't agree...well..there must be something wrong with you.