Julie Brown





8/31/1954 , Van Nuys, California, USA

Birth Name

Julie Ann Brown




Julie Brown was born on August 31, 1954 in Van Nuys, California. She is an actress, television director, screen and television writer, comedian and singer-songwriter. While in high school, she helped in school productions by composing original songs. After high school, she began singing and doing character and stand-up performances in clubs. Her biggest hit song is The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun, which was one of her original creations. 5 Minutes Miss Brown was one of the several underground movies she made, a fictionalized account of her rise to stardom. Her first big break came when she played a part in Lily Tomlin's 1981 film The Incredible Shrinking Woman and the two women became close friends. Her recent works include I Want To Be Gay in 2007, Camp Rock in 2008 and The Middle from 2010 to 2011. She has been married and divorced twice, first to Terrence E. McNally from 1983 to 1989; then to Ken Rathjen from 1994 to 2007, with whom she has a son.