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    I have watched your show from the very beginning.

    What I liked about the show is that you shared in order commenting on gossip .Now, I have noticed Sharon being the first one to comment (longs comments) on everything . I wish you would go back to taking terms and Sharon waiting her turn to comment. It is not that I don't like Sharon, but it seems as if she is taking over the show
  • happy birthday

    Happy birthday Julie Chen :-) .
  • Questions

    Hello there Julie,

    im not sure if U will get this. If U do, I want U to know that this is my first time I watched The Talk the first time today and find Interesting and filled with loads of fun filled ideas how we can utilize to improve on our well being.

    Only thing is I find that this website is really defeating my purpose of being in touch as so far after reviewing it over and over again, I still couldn't a find a point of contact to reach you.

    This Fan Review is Great but simply not personal enough !

    From : A very Disappointed new fan to The Talk Show !! :-)

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  • Chenbot Shoe Wear

    Love, love, love her style and shoes! Where did she get those shoes?!! I find myself looking at her feet during round table talk just to see what new pair she's wearing!
  • Angel Earrings

    I LOVED the angel wing earrings that Julie Chen was wearing on the episode that aired 5/10/13. I lost my brother in a horrific, tragic accident. I cannot seem to move on. I thought that maybe if I could wear such a meaningful tribute to honor him that I might also find some comfort from them. If you could please let me know where I could purchase a pair I would be so grateful. Love the show & the way you tackle real life topics.

    Please let me know where I can purchase that beautiful green top Julie had on Friday I saw it that is what I have been looking for to wear on Christmas. If there is a store that sells it please let me know, it looked so Christmasie. Thank you and I love your show!!!!!!
  • Great host of "Big Brother"

    Just like her on "Big Brother".
  • Worst Reality TV show host of all time.

    Anybody who gives Julie Chen a favorable review on this website is either Julie Chen herself or her husband who is clearly putting their marriage ahead of his job as President and CEO of CBS Television. This relationship makes me suspect that, at least in our lifetimes, we will never see a good Big Brother host. Her husband continually spoils her with choice jobs on CBS television shows and refuses to listen to the overwhelming public outcry against her. I must admit, however, she has reserved a special cult-status place in my heart. I often find myself unable to wait for the next live Big Brother broadcast because of her innevitable screw-ups. I love watching her stutter, ask mundane questions, and dress way too glamorously for her little hut outside the Big Brother house.
  • Using what little is left of the Chen dynasty, Julie flaunts herself over the set of the boring, but addicting Big Brother in a tired ruse of....well, her knowing what she's doing.

    Once before I have heard of Ms. Chen refered to as The Chenbot. And, no, that isn't because she reminds us of one of Austin Powers' Fembots, but because her actions and speech patterns are so robotic that she really emulates the feelings that I exude while watching the actual show. A cookie-cutter newscaster, she spends her time on the big brother set, making herself out to be a queen, and asks the most mundane of questions including "What would you do with the money?" or "What do you miss most from life outside the Big Brother house?"
    In fact, tvgasm.com has a video clip of times when she uses the phrase "But first" to announce that she is going to speak. And what's to come after that, no one knows or cares, but it's entertaining to hear her consecutive "but firsts." So, maybe next season on big brother we can see a Chen living up to the family name, with more than two emotions: Happy, and 'mildly interested with subtle tones of mischief.'
  • Julie Chen is not a CGI character.

    When I first saw Julie Chen on TV, I thought it was a clever use of CGI. Of course when I found out that the reason she has only a limited range of expressions and has a monotone speaking voice and everything is not because she is animated, but because she is extremely dull, I was shocked.

    Off the top of my head I can think of three or four hundred people who would do a better job hosting Big Brother. There are probably at least four or five houseguests from each season that could take over the job and not only do better but increase the ratings.

    Here's hoping she is replaced!
  • she is absolutely stunning. she needs a show of her own. next time around i want to look like julie chen.

    stunning stunning and more stunning. we have all fallen in love with her. Herself, her voice, her personality, and her stunning looks. She treats and deals with these people on big brother 6 with grace and kindness. May she keep this position again for big brother 7. Keep it up Julie
  • She is on the morning show and Big Brother.

    She is the only thing I hate about Big Brother. She's always messing up when she talks, and her facial expression is always the same. She's a freaking robot. If only Big Brother could get a better host in the next season. Blah Blah blah blah blue blue blue blah.