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    • Julie Chen: (During a segment on the CBS Early Show) I am the Chenbot!

    • Julie Chen: (On not feeling comfortable talking about work woes at home with her husband Leslie) I hold back,... ...One day things finally got to me, the floodgates opened, and Leslie was like, 'I had no idea!' I'm like, 'Of course you had no idea, because I was keeping quiet.

    • Julie Chen: (On being reluctant to ask for big assignments when she worked on Early Show to prove she is not using her personal relationship as leverage) I've stayed quiet on a lot of things,... ...They are already saying stories about me that aren't true, so I thought, Why give them something to embellish?

    • Julie Chen: (On being apart of the fun, being called Chenbot, and being made fun of for what she is wearing) My very first news director said to me that it's better to be hated than to have viewers be neutral. If people just go, 'She's alright,' then you don't count. We need to give the fans what they want,... ...and they want their Chenbot!

    • Julie Chen: (In response to working on a game show as being an embarrassing footnote) I truly feel the morning-show hosts are held to a different level of accountability,... ...After I started getting criticism for doing Big Brother, someone told me that Hugh Downs used to host Concentration and Mike Wallace used to do The Big Surprise. I thought, Huh, maybe that door isn't sealed shut if I want to do 60 Minutes one day.