Julie Dubela

Julie Dubela


1/16/1991, Jupiter, Florida, USA

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Julie Anna Dubela


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Julie Dubela is a teen singer, most widely known for performances of The Star-Spangled Banner, at major sports stadiums in the Boston area. She entered the TV world in 2003, making it to the Top 20 of American Juniors, a Fox TV show. Not long after she came…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She auditioned for American Idol, but was rejected. She auditioned in Miami, FL.

    • She dances ballet, jazz, and tap.

    • Besides singing, she likes to rock climb, play lacrosse, surf, and dance.

    • Her and John were the first team eliminated on Endurance Tehachapi.

    • Her partner on Endurance was John Kardian.

    • She now (Dec. 2007) lives in Stratham, New Hampshire.

    • She was 14 years old while on Endurance.

    • 1) Julie is an actress and a teen pop/rock singer who appeared on TV at the age of 12 in 2003 as a contestant on both the weekly PAX TV variety series "America's Most Talented Kid" & the weekly FOX TV variety series "American Juniors".

      2) She currently lives in Stratham, Rockingham County, New Hampshire and she has sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" at many different sporting events over the years in the Boston, Massachusetts area for the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics & the New England Patriots.

    • Julie is a freshman at Exeter High School in Exeter, New Hampshire. She previously attended Cooperative Middle School in Stratham.

  • Quotes

  • Julie Dubela greatest success has been amazing performances of The Star-Spangled Banner. Most of her songs are pop covers. Generally her best recordings are for the Phantom of the Opera.

    Julie Dubela's greatest success has been her performances of The Star-Spangled Banner. Most of her songs are pop cover songs. However, by far, her better recordings for Phantom of the Opera songs. Her greatest potential seems to rest in opera, whether or not she realizes it yet.

    Julie started performing as a young child. She made appearances on two different reality TV talent shows for kids. She was better than the average child at the time, but had not reached her peak. At times her voice was a little squeaky. This explains why she made it near the finals, but did not win a top spot. Fortunately, her voice has metamorphised into something much more mature.

    She is most widely known in the Boston area, for her high quality performances of The Star-Spangled Banner, usually at sporting events. She has a vocal range more than most, which allows her to perform a song most have problems with.

    The large majority of songs she has recorded are covers for typical hit pop songs. Since about age 13-14, she has been about as good, or as good, as the artists who first made those recordings hits. In some noticeable cases, she has an uncanny ability to almost sound exactly like the original artist. Although, she still has her own take and sound on a number of songs.

    "I'll Alway Believe" (unlike most songs she does) was not recorded by somebody else first. One would easily expect the song with her singing it, to be a #1 hit.

    Overall though, her performances of a number of Phantom of the Opera songs are what really show of her talent, and stand out. "Think of Me" is truly amazing. Hopefully, she will be playing Christine in a future production of the Phantom.

    Her voice has progressively changed substantially in a few years, and seems to only be getting better.

    It is well worth downloading and playing her music from her web site, particular the ones from about age 13-14 (and presumably later as well).

  • America's next Teen Idol!!!

    An extremely talented singer who will make it as a singer/actress/model. Julie has progressed immensely since her appearance on American Juniors, where she sang Rainy Days and Mondays. To see more of Julie and to hear her sing, check out her website www.juliedubela.net. She's truly America's next teen idol who will stand the test of time.