Julie Gardner

Julie Gardner


6/1/1969, Neath, Wales, UK

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Julie Gardner is a Welsh television producer who is currently both Controller of Drama Commissioning at BBC Television and Head of Drama for BBC Wales. Her most outstanding work has been serving as executive producer on the 2005 revival of Doctor Who. Born in Neath in June 1969…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Julie Gardner along with Tony Jordan, Mark Gatiss & Stephen Fry, was on the inaugural judging panel for the Red Planet Prize.

    • Julie Gardner (along with Phil Collinson & Russell T. Davies) won Best Drama Series for Doctor Who at the BAFTA Awards in 2006.

    • Julie Gardner was nominated for Best Single Drama for Othello at the BAFTA TV Awards in 2002.

    • Julie Gardner (along with Anne Pivcevic) was awarded the Banff Rockie Award for Best Made for TV Movie for Othello at the Banff Television Festival in 2002

    • Julie Gardner (along with Anne Pivcevic) was awarded the Grand Prize for Othello at the Banff Television Festival in 2002.

    • Julie Gardner was awarded an International Critics Prize for Othello at the Banff Television Festival in 2002.

  • Quotes

    • Julie Gardner: (About Doctor Who) It's a show which is discussed and gossiped about – that's stressful but also really healthy. I love the fact that they've now become part of the nation's conversation.

    • Julie Gardner: We're kind of really embracing the omnisexual word, aren't we?

    • Julie Gardner: It's the Sarah Jane Adventures wrap tonight. So I'm sitting here while they're all drunk and they're at a wrap party. I mean, literally, I've had lots of drunk phone calls already.

    • Julie Gardner: I've got no time for my personal life, my bank account could be being robbed and I wouldn't know it.

    • Julie Gardner: I love the idea that the nerds are going to take over the world.

    • Julie Gardner: Torchwood itself was an idea that Russell had way before either of us worked on Doctor Who. The show was initially called 'Excalibur' and it wasn't connected to Doctor Who at all.

    • Julie Gardner: I'm a bit obsessive, but what else would I do, sit at home reading the newspaper?

    • Julie Gardner: They'd have to drag us away on stretchers, they'd have to drag us away. We all love the show everyone who works on the show loves the show I know that sounds like I'm in The Waltons but it's a joy and it would be quite hard to get us all off.

    • Julie Gardner: It is so surprising to Phil Collinson and I when people know our names, I've never had that! It's just the interest from the fans for the people working on the show.

    • Julie Gardner: One of the great joys of my career is looking at the level and range of casting that we can get on Doctor Who, it's extraordinary. For many actors there is a nostalgia for them growing up watching Doctor Who, for some they have children watching the current series so how marvellous to be in it for them.

    • Julie Gardner: I look at rushes when we're filming every day, I read every draft of every script. I'm very hands on that way, but ultimately I'm there to make sure the scripts that come in are realised as well as they possibly can be.

    • Julie Gardner: Last year, we started filming Torchwood in March and we were on air with 13 episodes from late September, which was just so, so hectic. And we didn't really have enough time – it was absolutely frantic from day one of prep, it was all hands on deck and it was fantastic.

    • Julie Gardner: (About Life on Mars) I read the first 10 pages thinking, 'Oh wow, this is like Prime Suspect, the girlfriend's gone missing and it's his fault…' and then I got to the car crash moment completely cold turkey! I thought, 'Oh my gosh, he's waking up in the '70s, no wonder they brought this to me'.

    • Julie Gardner: (About Billie Piper) From the moment she walked through the door, we loved her because there's something very real about her. She's got glamour, she's very beautiful and she has a spirit about her which really comes through in Rose.

    • Julie Gardner: (About Doctor Who) There's no story that can't be told, It can go anywhere in time and space, and the main characters are an alien and a human, with all the confusion that brings.