Julie Gonzalo

Julie Gonzalo


9/9/1981, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Birth Name

Juelieta Gonzalo


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  • Julie Gonzalo in Dallas
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Julie Gonzalo, originally from Buenos Aires, has made a name for herself in the TV and film industry in recent years.
This native Argentinean ordinarily thought of as American, was born and raised in Argentina, until her family decided to move to Miami, Florida where she didn't speak…more


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    • (On the movie she starred in 'Christmas with the Kranks') Julie: This was the best Christmas present that you could give me. I cannot ask for more. This film was great for me and what happens from now on it will be good.

    • (On celebrating Christmas in 2004) Julie: My family live in Miami but this year I want to celebrate with snow, since I have never seen snow.

    • Julie: I have so many goals. I have fulfilled some dreams, like working with people that I admire. What I want now is to demonstrate that I can do other emotions. Sky's the limit!

    • (On Tim Allen) Julie: He has such great talent and now that I have worked with him I admire him much more.

    • (Translated from Spanish) Julie: Christmas is the best time of the year to be with family, to receive gifts, to share meals. There is no way someone can make me "skip" Christmas. Less now, than after being part of this film (Christmas with the Kranks), it will bring the family closer together. That is the most important thing about Christmas.

    • (On arriving in Hollywood) Julie: It was a blessing of God; I was born in Argentina and after eight years I moved to Miami. In school I began to take theater classes. I moved to Los Angeles, to prove, to see that I really had been born for this. The truth is that I had luck, I was with good people that helped me. I'm thankful.

    • Julie: When I arrived with my parents from Argentina, I was hardly 8 years old and nor did I know of the existence of Hollywood in the map!

    • (When asked whether or not she was popular in high school) Julie: Totally not! I had, like, two or three friends in high school. I've never been cool.

    • Julie: I would love to do an independent film in spanish.

    • (On her character from the movie 'A Cinderella Story') Julie: I had so much fun with the role of Shelby on this film.

    • Julie: Being blonde eliminated the possibilities to do latin roles, and the fact that I don't have a latin accent because I was practically raised in the US.


    Wow I connect to her so much. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Miami, Florida when I was really young as well. I'm really pale with light brown hair and green eyes. Everyone thinks I'm a gringo and people talk about me in Spanish because they think I don't understand. Sometimes its funny, but usually it really hurts when people are like "Yeah right you probably have never left the USA in your life" and its like "Ummmmm yeah I lived in Argentina for 7 years!!!" Its really unfair how people make those classifications. My great-great-great-great-great grandparents moved to Argentina from Ireland, and I'm definitely just as Argentine as my friends whose great-great-great-great-great grandparents moved to Argentina from Spain, but not according to everyone else. I just got my American citizenship this year but I'm keeping my Argentine one because no matter how long I live here, I am still Argentine. VIVA LA ARGENTINA!!!!!moreless
  • I love her. I don't know who can hate her. I believe shez going to be big, Shez already starred in movies with very high profile actors, "Freaky Friday - Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis" "Dodge Ball - Ben Stiller", and "A Cinderella Story - Hilary Duff.moreless

    Shez really a beautiful girl.

    I love her. I don't know who can hate her. I beliee shez going to be big, Shez already starred in movies with very high profile actors, "Freaky Friday - Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis and Chad Michael Murray", "Dodge Ball - Ben Stiller", and "A Cinderella Story - Hilary Duff.

    Yet again another Latina in the industry trying to show people that being blonde light skinned and blue eyed can be very much Latin. She's fluent in three languages and a proud Argentinian!!

    There's a whole bio of her in www.famouslatinas.bravehost.commoreless