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  • Julie Gregg was a very talented supporting actress for quite a long time. She acted in the 60s, 70s and 80s mostly in supporting roles on television, in the movies and on the stage. She was a good singer.

    Ms. Gregg was a talented stage actress who also appeared in movies and on television, mostly in supporting and guest roles. She had two different guest roles on Bewitched and two on Mission:Impossible. Her career lasted quite a long time, from the mid 60s when she first appeared in three separate McHale's Navy episodes through the 1980s, when she last appeared, on Showtime's The Brothers. She never rose to lead roles, except for a very brief time in 1975 when she had the lead female role in the very short lived (11 episodes) drama, Mobile One, on ABC, before it was canceled in December. She had a very graceful presence and showed good range in the roles she was chosen for.